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We groom pets... all day, every day. Awesome Doggies does it all. We're a full service mobile pet groomer. There's no breed that intimidates us. If you go for short fluffy types like the Bichon that has eyes for nobody but you, you've come to the right place. We also can take care of your rugged 120 lb German Shepherd who loves to dig, chew and shed like mad. We have no limits on size, breeds, or age: young or old, big or small, we love 'em all!

Regular grooming helps to ensure your pet healthy and comfortable. The main reasons for regular grooming include: 


The "Tender Loving Groom"™ is our signature service. It includes bathing, brushing, eyes, ears, facial & pedicure. This luxurious clean up package includes a warm salon welcome with chamomile & lavender scented towels as well as:

- Bathing - all natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free shampoos; creme rinse conditioner included as needed. Specialty shampoos (oatmeal; hypoallergenic; silk protein, etc.) available -- or provide your own.

- Eyes & Ears gently cleaned - ear hair plucked upon request

- Berry Facial - a special tearless cleanser is gently massaged into facial hair - dogs go crazy for it!

- Hand Blow Drying & Brushing - no cage dryers ever.

- Feet & Paw Pads Neatened, Nails Trimmed - clip & file nails; moisturize nails & paw pads as needed.

- Sanitary Area Trimmed - if needed.

- Anal Glands - expressed only by special request (external procedure)

- Finishing Touch of conditioning mist or gel leaves the coat soft, healthy, & smelling fresh.

- Complete With A Treat - with your permission of course.

All Types of Cuts (for Dogs & Cats)

Whether your Poodle needs a pompadour, or your Pekinese wants a puppy cut, we've gotcha covered. We do all kinds of pet haircuts, from breed clips to puppy clips, kennel clips, chenille clips, and shavedowns. If shedding is driving you crazy, or your pet seems too hot, ask us about stylish alternatives to shaving.

Special Services for Special Pets (more info coming soon)

We do much more than just basic grooming. Ask us about:

Puppy's first groom
Just for cats
Special needs pets
Dry, itching skin: moisturizing wrap
Dog breath: tooth brushing & oral hygiene treatments
Hair everywhere? De-shedding works wonders
Aching joints, tangled coat, bad skin: mineral mud bath
Been skunked? We'll clean & deodorize
Flea problems? Cleanup & consultation
Deluxe doggie pedicures - with nail polish
Anal gland expression
Behavior issues/recovering from grooming trauma
Dry, cracked paw pads