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Life is Easier With Our Mobile Grooming Salon

If you've never had a mobile pet groomer come to your home, you're in for a big treat! If you have experienced mobile pet grooming, you know how convenient and stress-free it can be. Busy people know how to make the most of their time with mobile grooming. No loading your furry friend in the car. No driving all over town. Our mobile salon comes to you. Your pets stay calm, comfortable, and get all spiffed up. You have time to do other things. 

Dogs and cats are individuals. Some love bath time. Others not so much, but we've won over a lot of skeptics! Chances are, your pal will learn to love a visit from Awesome Doggies. We offer a whole different grooming experience... gentle one-on-one attention in a calm, soothing environment. Our groomers are trained in positive reinforcement methods, which helps keep pet stress levels low. Your fur kids will be helped to feel supported and secure, as we bathe, dry & clip each pet by hand. This means your furry friend comes back as happy and relaxed as possible. You might even see them prancing in to show off a new haircut - it happens!

Kind, Compassionate, Careful Handling

No cages ever is our motto! Our one-on-one grooming approach is faster and easier on your pet. Animals are sensitive and know when someone can be trusted. We're not happy until we've earned your pet's confidence and she enjoys her grooming session. Our salons have windows on all sides to give natural light and 360-degree visibility. Your baby can see her front door. You can watch. We use treats, love and praise as rewards. If your pet has unique needs, we're happy to accommodate. 

The Little Things Are Big When You're A Dog (or Cat)

Your dog may seem like a furry little person to you, but his nose is 1000 times more powerful than yours. We provide a spa experience that dogs and cats appreciate, complete with lavender and chamomile scented towels. Pets are relaxed by lavender and chamomile, just like we are, and in time, your pet will associate these distinctive scents with a positive experience. Our shampoos and conditioners are all natural, cruelty-free, fully biodegradable, and will leave your baby's coat as soft as you've ever felt it. Being the sole focus of our attention is rewarding in itself for many canines. We work on one pet at a time where we are tuned in to what they like and dislike. Using a soothing and comforting voice, we make adjustments to keep your "Canis familiaris" or puddy tat in la-la land. Little things like a warm towel, slowing down the dryer, or closing a window, can make a big difference to your pet's comfort.