The First Visitback

Your First Grooming Appointment: What to Expect


Once you contact us, a rep will call to discuss your grooming needs and set an appointment. We'll answer your questions and give you an estimate. Clue us in to any special needs or concerns. Please leave a number where you can be reached between 10am - 2pm, Monday through Friday.

We spoil pets during 8 appointment slots available each day, starting at 7:30am. Our last session starts at 4:45pm. We knock ourselves out to be on time. But, when you're dealing with traffic and pampered pooches, things can get a little unpredictable. We really appreciate a little flexibility on your part, so a 60-minute window around our scheduled arrival time is a really good idea. You can count on us arriving as close to your scheduled time as possible. We will keep you updated if there is any delay.

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

Nobody likes to take a bath with a stranger, at least not the first time! Once your groomer arrives for that all-important first appointment, she'll meet with you and your four-legged friend. Pups like to get to know a new person before jumping in. If you're ok with Mom, you're ok with me... that's the way they think. Most cats, on the other hand, are not usually interested in introductory small talk. So we might go straight to the salon with them.

We'll confirm your services, and give your Fido a once-over to make sure that the price we quoted over the phone is accurate. Now is the time to remind the groomer about any special needs, unusual behavior to expect or past issues. Does your baby have a favorite toy or something familiar that can provide comfort? Be sure and let us know so we can take that special red ball or much-loved teddy bear with us. 

Once Fluffy's grooming is done, we'll report on how the session went, and provide recommendations for future care. You'll be asked to spend a few moments looking over your pet carefully with us. We want to be sure you are totally happy with every detail of their grooming. Any needed fine-tuning will be made on the spot.

We ask that you stay at home during the first appointment, usually 60 to 90 minutes for most breeds. Future grooming appointments will take less of your time, now that we know how your pet will behave and the look you like. Once you are comfortable with us, many of our clients book grooming sessions to occur while they are away from the house - completely freeing up your time!

Parking, Payment, and Other Stuff


Our mobile grooming salon requires two parking spots - one behind the other - for our pickup truck and the salon trailer. Parking needs to be within 100 - 150 feet of water and electrical connections. We bring own hoses and extension cords. We'll need to hook up the water hose where you connect your garden hose, and a nearby electrical outlet. We only use clean, fresh water, which we warm up in advance. Water usage is minimal - typically less that 10 gallons.

Please pay your groomer when her work is finished. We accept cash, check, and major credit cards. Groomers welcome tips and, although it's not required, it's a great way to express your appreciation. Can't be home? Please arrange payment in advance.