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Mobile dog grooming salonBusy San Diego families love Awesome Doggies – the reliable, caring mobile dog grooming service that’s been keeping dogs (and some very cool cats) looking good since 2002. That’s a long time in dog years! 

Awesome! Mobile Dog Grooming Since 2002

It’s no secret that there are other mobile dog groomers in San Diego. But our clients have been singing our praises (and wagging enthusiastically) for nearly 15 years. Why?

Well, there are a lot of reasons, including:Dogs entering mobile grooming salon

We show up on time.

“Oh, the convenience!”

We do a great job.

“Much faster and less traumatic for my pets!”

Dogs love us.

“We’ve been so happy with what the dogs have experienced!”

And we love dogs!

“The groomers genuinely care!”

And how do we make our customers feel? One look at our gallery of happy doggies will tell you: they feel awesome!

We're not just experienced in mobile dog grooming, we're also just awesome groomers!

In our warm climate, a fur coat isn’t always the best thing to wear. As professional groomers in San Diego for 15 years, we’ve become experts in grooming for maximum style and comfort.

Ask us about alternatives to shaving, and how to keep your furry friends looking good and feeling great, regardless of season. Our clients rave about our attention to detail, from nose to tail. Play the video to hear one of our groomers tell more about our service:


6 Signs a Mobile Dog Grooming Service May Be For You

1. Your dog had a bad experience with another groomer  
We truly love dogs, and understand they’re individuals. We’ve calmed many a canine that was wary of strangers, hated water, didn’t like clippers…you name it, we’ve handled it, with loving kindness and expert care. Our professional groomers love our furry customers and treat them like family.

2. You love your doggie, and your doggie loves to be clean!
One thing all of our clients have in common: they love their dogs as much as any member of the family. And we do too.

Our clients tell us that their dogs enjoy their clean, silky groomed coats. And our pet owners appreciate that we listen carefully, adhere to their requirements and special requests, and when something isn’t just the way they want it, we’re happy to make adjustments.

That’s what our 100% Happiness Satisfaction Guarantee is all about.

Dog and groomer enjoying the Awesome salon experience 

3. Your dog has special needs
Our signature service is the Tender Loving Groom. This awesome grooming package begins with a warm salon welcome (typically including kisses on the nose) and concludes with chamomile and lavender scented towels. Our furry friends enjoy a delightful, thorough bathing, professional brushing, and gentle cleaning of eyes, and ears, and a facial and pedicure. Full service haircutting, deep remoisturizing, deshedding, itch relief and a variety of spa treatments are also available.

Our groomers are dog loversDo we handle special requests? Traumatized pets? Skittish rescues and even aggressive dogs? Yes. With the respect, understanding, and tender loving care they deserve.

Our outstanding groomers are pet owners, dog lovers, and caring people who have been selected for their excellent animal management skills and loving kindness.

We devote the time necessary to listen to you, the owner, and to get to know your dog (or cat) as an individual. We want you to tell us about their special needs. Treating your pet the way it needs to be treated is just part of doing our job.  

4. You don’t want your dog to be around other dogs
Look, there are some great groomers in San Diego. And yet a busy grooming shop can be a loud, somewhat scary place for your dog – for any dog. Quite often well-behaved animals don’t behave quite so well in the company of strangers, particularly other dogs.  

5. Cages and car rides make you and your dog crazy
Cages? Yuck. And car rides should be associated with a trip to the park.
‘Nuff said.

6. You’ve got other things to do!
Bath time isn’t how you want to spend your time? We get it. Your canine companion is your best friend, your walking buddy, your confidant. To your dog, you are safety security, you are family, and you are a favorite playmate. Bath time isn’t how you want to spend your time together!

Dogs love being groomed in our mobile salonEnter Awesome Doggies: We love to pamper San Diego pets!

And, they love our special pampering touch.

After our initial visit (which is about getting to know each other) when we arrive, we find our animal friends are eager to get down to the business of a blissful bath and enjoy a great grooming – then they just can’t wait to show off their awesome new look to you!

A mobile dog grooming service serves both dogs and their owners – the dogs quickly learn we’re great at what we do, and they enjoy it. Pet owners get to enjoy their doggies (and kitties) instead of messing with the hose, bathtub, and hassle often associated with bathing a dog at home.

We take seriously the trust our clients place in us. We are dedicated to making the experience easy and convenient for you, enjoyable for your pets, and just love to make your furry friends look and feel more awesome than ever before.

We understand your fur baby is family and you are the customer. Got a question about how we’d handle your dog, your situation, your needs? Call us: (858) 633-3641


You’ve seen our Awesome Doggies groovy mobile pet grooming vehicles all over San Diego. Isn’t it time we pulled up in your driveway?

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As San Diego mobile groomers for over 10 years, we know how to pamper and groom dogs & cats of all breeds... from a simple bath to a total makeover. Our mobile pet grooming salon is a calm, soothing environment your furry baby will love. Have a grubby pet? What are you waiting for?

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