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Mobile Cat Grooming San Diego

Most kitties hate to travel.  A short trip in a crate can stress out your cat and make grooming a nightmare.   It may take days to completely  recover.  And, the cat’s going to take a while too!

Wondering if your cat even needs grooming? Check out our blog for more insight on that subject.  Older cats sometimes have trouble grooming themselves, cats with allergies or other health issues, and all long-haired cats need help keeping their coats in good condition.

Mobile grooming is a FANTASTIC way to get your cat spiffed up.  When our mobile salon comes to your home, kitty has no idea anything is up until they get whisked from your door into the salon.  We start with a happy kitty and things go smoothly from there.  Our appointments are typically done in under an hour, so your puddy tat will be back in their regular hiding spot before they know it.  Even the most sensitive kitty can be groomed successfully using our mobile service. 

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Tender Loving Groom for Cats

Keeping your pet comfortable and happy is our number one concern. Our Tender Loving Groom for kitty cats includes bathing, brushing, cleaning eyes and ears, and trimming claws.  Pussy’s face is gently wiped with a damp cloth, and the body, legs and tails are thoroughly shampooed.  We blow-dry by hand IF your kitty can tolerate it without undue stress, or towel dry if kitty would rather not have hot air blown on her.      

We Make It Easy 

We do all kinds of haircutting on cats - including lioncuts and chenille clips.  If you have a medium or longhaired cat that is shedding everywhere or coughing up hairballs, it is wise to keep  their hair trimmed short.  

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As San Diego mobile groomers for over 10 years, we know how to pamper and groom dogs & cats of all breeds... from a simple bath to a total makeover. Our mobile pet grooming salon is a calm, soothing environment your furry baby will love. Have a grubby pet? What are you waiting for?

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