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All Dogs Agree: Grooming Shouldn't Take All Doggone Day

Let's face it, a trip to the groom shop is hard on both of you.

Your doggie will have to sit in a cage all day long, being over-stimulated by barking dogs and mewling cats they want to break through the cage and chase. Or they'll be so scared and traumatized by the racket they'd cower at your feet if you were there to protect them.

dogs-at-mobile-pet-grooming-salon-doorAdding yet another errand to your already insanely busy schedule just to drop them off and pick them up is no picnic either.  You'll worry about them all day long.  Dreading them bouncing off the walls or being a shell of themselves when you finally get them home.

Now you can get tender loving dog grooming, right at home!

Most appointments take about an hour. 

It doesn't matter if your dog's been frolicking in the mud, run into a skunk, or has a nest of matted fur a rat would be proud of. Or if their breath is noxious, their nails are like daggers and they've left your furniture looking like it's grown a fur coat.

We've got all your professional dog grooming needs covered, no matter what breed or size.

Whether you've got a short fluffy darling like the Bichon who has eyes for nobody but you, or a rugged 120 lb German Shepherd who loves to dig, chew, and shed like mad, you're in the right place. 

Got a dog with arthritis, special health problems, or who is high strung (especially about baths)? All our groomers are trained in positive reinforcement techniques to meet your dog's special needs and earn their trust and cooperation fast.

Watch Snickers Enjoy Her Awesome Doggie Makeover


With Our TENDER LOVING GROOM™ Service, Your Doggie Will Look Awesome in About an Hour

The "Tender Loving Groom"™ is our most popular service. It includes bathing, brushing, eyes, ears, facial & pedicure. This luxurious clean up package includes a warm welcome with chamomile & lavender scented towels (which calms doggies just like humans).

A few other important things you should know about our Tender Loving Groom(TM):

mobile-dog-grooming-rancho-penasquitosBathing - we use cruelty-free, all natural, biodegradable shampoos; creme rinse conditioner applied as needed. Specialty shampoos (oatmeal; hypoallergenic; silk protein, etc) are available -- or you can provide your own.

Eyes & Ears - are always gently cleaned, and annoying ear hair can be plucked upon request.

Berry Facial - a special tearless cleanser is gently massaged into facial hair - dogs go gaga for it!

Hand Blow Drying & Brushing - we never, ever, ever put your dog in a cage and use scary fans to dry them like groom shops do.

Feet & Paw Pads, and Nails - paw pads will be neatened, nails will be trimmed, clipped & filed. If nails and paw pads need moisturizer, we'll do it for free.

Special Areas - If needed, we'll trim your dog's sanitary areas. By special request we can also express your dog's anal glands (external procedure).

Finishing Touches - a conditioning mist leaves the coat soft, healthy, & smelling fresh. Then with your permission, we'll give them a treat  :-)

Special Haircuts and Services for Your Awesome Doggie

Whether your Poodle needs a pompadour, or your Pekinese wants a puppy cut, we've gotcha covered. We do all kinds of dog haircuts, breed clips, kennel clips, chenille clips, and shavedowns. If shedding is driving you crazy, or your fur kid seems too hot, ask us about stylish alternatives to shaving.

We do much more than just basic grooming.  Ask us about:

  • Puppy's first groom
  • Older, special needs (blind, deaf, arthritic) doggies
  • Dry, itching skin: moisturizing wrap 
  • Dog breath: tooth brushing & oral hygiene treatments 
  • Hair everywhere? our de-shedding process works wonders 
  • Dog joints ache, tangled coat, bad skin?  Try a  mineral bath
  • Been skunked? We'll clean & deodorize 
  • Flea problems? Get a cleanup & consultation
  • Deluxe doggie pedicures - with nail polish (they love it!)
  • Anal gland expression
  • Dry, cracked paw pads 
  • Behavior issues/recovering from grooming trauma 


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As San Diego mobile groomers for over 10 years, we know how to pamper and groom dogs & cats of all breeds... from a simple bath to a total makeover. Our mobile pet grooming salon is a calm, soothing environment your furry baby will love. Have a grubby pet? What are you waiting for?

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