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Why Your Cat Needs to Be Groomed Too!

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-cat-grooming-san-diegoWhen most people think about groomers, they envision poodles with fancy haircuts. They also might think of many of the different canine breeds getting brushed, shaved, and even bathed until they sparkle. They think about dogs who often get muddy and dirty, and the ones who need a really good haircut to look decent. However, most people don’t think about grooming cats. Don't they take care of that themselves?  Actually, grooming is an essential part of good cat care! If you love your cat, their skin and coat may need your attention also.

Here are some reasons your cat needs help with grooming:

Clean ears and trim nails. Though most cats are pretty good at keeping themselves clean, they are not able to clean their ears and trim their nails. Routine ear cleanings keep the gunk from building up, and also provide an opportunity for early detection of any ear infections, allergies or other health problems that can develop quietly if you aren't monitoring closely.

If cat nails are not trimmed regularly, they can be awful sharp. Even the friendliest of cats can get you with their claws, so it is important to keep the tips trimmed. Indoor cats especially have no need for long or sharp claws.

Helps with shedding and hairballs. Cats shed, even though our climate doesn’t change much during the winter. Even though they don’t need winter coats, shedding still happens. And as cats groom themselves, they are ingesting some of that hair that is coming off. Unfortunately, this can lead them to vomit up hairballs. This habit can be quite disgusting for most owners. Maintaining good grooming and keeping the shedding under control can really cut back the amount of hairballs that get vomited up.  

Get trouble spots. Older cats, those with arthritis, as well as those who carry extra weight, often are less flexible and have trouble grooming themselves properly. This leads to oily, matted and dirty fur. These areas can get really icky and even irritated if they are not taken care of properly, which can lead to infection, fleas, and even (ick, ick, ick) maggots.

The same can be said with long-haired cats. Their hair quickly and easily tangles and mats. They often have trouble getting objects out of their hair, such as sticks and  leaves they might pick up outside as well as, um, fecal matter that may get stuck to their nether regions. These cats need routine brushing at home as well as professional grooming throughout the year to keep their coats as healthy and mat-free as possible. Your groomer can help a lot by providing a sanitary clip or a chenille clip to help keep long-haired kitty coats much easier to maintain.  

Helps with allergies. People who are allergic to cats benefit from having their pet professionally groomed. A good brushing and grooming will help to cut back of the dander, which is what you are allergic to, without exposing you to all the fur and dander that flies around during the grooming process. Regular grooming and appropriate haircuts can also help mitigate the amount of fur flying around your home.

Slows down flea infestations. Fleas can be a terrible problem. Routine grooming, along with flea prevention, will help to keep fleas at bay and out of your home. Without it, your home can quickly become overtaken with fleas, to the point where they start biting you and your family. It happens to the best of us. All it takes is one racoon or opossum waltzing through your backyard at night, dropping off a few travelers, and ZOOM they hop onto your your pet and go to town, driving both you and your pet crazy.

Though many people don’t think that cats need to be groomed, it can be quite beneficial for both of you. Most groomers clean ears and trim toenails, which are things that our cats cannot do. It also helps with their coat. Not only does it get the tangles out, it helps keep the amount of hair down in your home. If you have allergies, getting your cat groomed regularly will keep the dander down so you are both happier.

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