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Why Santa Must Be A Dog

Posted by Awesome Doggies

cookies-for-santaWe love the holidays here at Awesome Doggies. It’s great fun getting your fur babies ready for company and festivities, and lately all the preparations have gotten us thinking. When most people think of Santa they think of a jolly old man in red, but what if there were another possibility? We think there is a compelling argument to be made that Santa, is actually a dog. Yes, you read that right. A dog.

Here are some outstanding reasons why we think Santa really could be a dog:

  1. Santa always knows where to go. Who but a dog could sniff out such a flawless travel route?

  2. Santa is always on time. Who but dogs are always ready to go “bye-bye” at a drop of a hat?

  3. Humans need all types of high-tech gadgets for navigation. Only a dog would be satisfied relying on a red-nosed reindeer to get around the world. 

  4. Santa loves cookies. Who else is motivated to perform great acts for cookies?

  5. Showing up, year after year is a great act of devotion. Only a dog could demonstrate that kind of dedication.

  6. santa-as-a-dogSanta gives and expects nothing in return. 

  7. Only a dog could patiently rock a red velvet suit with such dignity. 

  8. Dogs do not worry about their physique and would not worry about a tummy being described as a “bowl full of jelly”. 

  9. Only dogs are around to see and hear what everyone wants at Christmas. 

  10. Dogs love to see others happy. 

  11. Dogs do not see colors the way humans do. This might explain the whole red suit thing. 

  12. Who else enjoys seriously long open-air rides with the wind in their face?

Yes, the similarities are undeniable. Dogs, with their gentle disposition, indefatigable desire to please, unchallenged position as “man’s best friend” all add up to one thing in our book. Santa must be a dog.

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