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Why Professional Grooming is the Answer to Tub Time Trouble

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-needing-professional-groomerA lucky few have dogs in their family that love bath time.  Some have dogs that will tolerate getting washed moderately well.  The vast majority of dogs, however, hate bath time and will do all that they can to sabotage the process – anything from taking off to snarling. An uncooperative dog can make the process difficult, and in the end achieve little except to get everyone soaked. Getting properly groomed is important to your pet’s health, so calling in reinforcements to the front of the bathing battle is a great idea.

If you have a pet that simply hates bath time, there are some great reasons why professional grooming is the answer.

  • Professional grooming is easier on the dog physically and psychologically. Dogs can become injured when incorrectly restrained for a bath, or while trying to escape the inevitable.
  • Mobile grooming allows the dog to stay in a familiar and comforting place.
  • professional=grooming-spaceProfessional groomers are trained in techniques to keep the pet calm.
  • A professional grooming assures that the job is done well and completely, which is much better for the pet’s health. When soap or dander is left on the dog, it can cause skin problems and allergies.
  • A mobile grooming service comes equipped to do the job fast and safely. Some dogs are more susceptible to drowning, and a simple bath-battle can turn into a huge tragedy without understanding the breed’s needs and vulnerabilities.
  • dog-enjoying-tub-timeGroomers understand why bath time is so traumatic for dogs and overcome those issues with special techniques and equipment, such as special mats to prevent slipping, non-splash baths, special sprayers, and grooming tools made specifically for your dog’s type of coat.
  • For the pet, having someone other than family provide grooming throws them off, giving them less time to build up anxiety.
  • Grooming service can help train your pet to tolerate the process, making it easier on everyone involved.groomers-with-answers-to-tub-troubles

Some dogs make bathing a huge and distressing process that accomplishes little.  However, bath time doesn’t have to be something everyone dreads. Even dogs that hate bathing can tolerate a professional grooming, and even come to enjoy the process.  If you have a problem bather, give Awesome Doggies a call today. We’ll be happy to work with your “problem child” and bring them back squeaky clean!

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