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Why Mobile Pet Grooming is Growing in Popularity

Posted by Awesome Doggies

The popularity of mobile pet grooming is on the rise. When we started offering mobile grooming services to San Diego back in 2002, most people hadn’t even heard of mobile grooming. We spent a lot of time and effort convincing people to give us a try. But as time went by, more and more people caught on to the benefits. Based on popular list reports and highly rated service provider lists, mobile services such as dog and cat grooming have grown substantially over the last few years, and that growth is expected to continue in the years to come. And there are some great reasons for this growth.

mobile-pet-groomingMobile Pet Grooming Offers Convenience to the Pet Owner

Pet owners all over San Diego are managing work, household duties, family, and more. Slowing down is not an option.  So how do we get it all done? We find services that come to us to meet our needs. Mobile pet grooming offers an added layer of convenience because not only does the owner save time trying to wrangle their dog or cats into the car to transport them, they save on the wait. It also saves on the time and hassle of doing a home wash and all of the clean up after. Mobile pet grooming services come equipped with everything required for a professional groom, including specialty items—no mess and no fuss.

Mobile Pet Grooming Allows Pet Owners to Double Time

Another great reason people in the San Diego area are opting in to mobile pet grooming services is that it frees them to do other things while services are rendered. Knowing that the pet is happy and well cared for, the pet owner is free to take care of other business without missing a beat.

dogs-prefer-mobile-groomingPets Prefer Mobile Grooming

For many pets, mobile pet grooming eliminates many of the troublesome or fearful aspects of getting groomed. When owners bring the grooming service to them, they avoid an upsetting car ride, and being removed from familiar surroundings. Many pets find the presence of strangers (ie other pets they don’t know) stressful. Have you ever been in a quiet, peaceful grooming shop? No? There’s usually a lot of yapping going on, right? Even when not meant aggressively, it still elevates your pets stress levels. A mobile salon is a one-on-one private experience for your pet, with no other animals around, and no strange cages they have to be confined to. All these positive elements lead to a happier pert. And when pets are happier, they are more cooperative, and the grooming process is much more easily tolerated. Dare we even say, fun?

Given all the benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people opt for mobile services. The freedom, comfort, and convenience are all so worthwhile! If you have any questions about Awesome Doggies and our grooming services, please feel free to contact us!

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