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Why Every Dog Should Have Its Day with a Groomer

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Some dog washing jobs are easily managed by the dog owner, especially when the dog’s coat is short and the dog enjoys water. The ease of the job may make justifying calling in the grooming service a little more difficult for the owner. Rest assured; there are several very valid reasons to get your dog - even if they’re a short-haired beauty - professionally groomed. 


A Good Groom Does a Body Good

Studies show that dogs that are groomed on a regular basis are healthier. This is true for several reasons. One important reason is that professional pet groomers have trained eyes and trained touch and can spot subtle differences in your pet’s coat, skin, eyes, and teeth that you might not notice on a day-to-day basis, but which might indicate a serious health issue. We have several stories of health problems (most often suspicious lumps and bumps) that our groomers have noticed and alerted the owners to. An early vet visit leads to early intervention, and in a couple of situations may actually have saved the dog’s life.

dog-having-day-with-groomerAlso, a good grooming can actually eliminate issues that could lead to health problems. Brushing, dematting, and detangling are often skipped or shortcut by DIY pet owners who are short on time or knowledge of the consequences. If your dog has matted fur and the mats are getting wet, serious skin problems can develop. Washing a dog with matted fur can cause the water to stay in the matted area, holding dampness against the skin and providing a breeding ground for bacteria and other ickies, leading to rot and serious skin problems.

Groomers Do More than Wash Your Pet

Even if you wash your dog yourself, it still makes sense to call in the mobile groomer periodically. That’s because the groomer does much more than merely wash your dog. A professional groomer will perform many necessary tasks that most owners forget or do not have the equipment to perform, such as cleaning the ears and clipping the nails, both of which are important to your dog’s health. We can even brush teeth, condition paw pads, and provide moisturizing treatments for dry coats.

Who Doesn’t Like to be Pampered Once in a While? 

happy-dog-with-groomerEven dogs respond positively to a little extra attention. A professional grooming can help your dog feel so much better, and it will show in their demeanor. We all know, a happy dog equals a happy owner. Many of “our” pups actually *prance* back into the house after their grooming session is done. It’s not hard to see how good they feel, and that makes us feel pretty darn good too!

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