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Who Benefits the Most from Mobile Pet Grooming: Pets VS People

Posted by Awesome Doggies

We are all about the fur family here at Awesome Doggies, and about transforming fretful felines and grubby pups into tail wagging, paw prancing, showstoppers that love being groomed. But we are also about providing the most ease, convenience, and advantage to the pet parent as well. That is because we believe that great mobile pet grooming services are not just about making your treasured friend clean and fluffy, but about providing a quality service that provides you with more time to enjoy the best quality of life possible together.

Pet parents that have used our services usually do so because they love the idea of giving their pampered pet a little undivided attention. It is not long until they discover the many other advantages that come with mobile grooming, and not just for Fido.


Mobile Grooming Advantages: Pets

Of course, a great grooming can make a dog or cat feel and look great, but mobile grooming offers some huge benefits to your fur baby beyond making them look fabulous. Mobile grooming is done at your home, in our mobile salon, with your home in view or just a quick sniff away. This alone provides an enormous amount of comfort to your pet. Since they do not need to be transported to and from a shop, they get much less wound up prior to an appointment, and can calm down much more quickly after. Mobile grooming appointments are also much faster since the groomer is completely focused on one pet at a time. This means that even if your fur baby finds grooming frightening, they do not have to tolerate a stressful situation nearly as long.

Another advantage is that mobile groomers are able to accommodate special needs or problem situations that many shops or stores are not. Many pets cannot tolerate a shop environment, being caged, or being around aggressive or upset animals, and become very afraid during grooming. Dogs or cats that have special needs and health issues such as blindness, deafness are also much more comfortable because the comfort of home is near at hand. Even dogs with problem behaviors are able to withstand and even come to love the individual pampering provide by a mobile grooming service. 

Mobile Grooming Advantages: People

San Diego pet parents that have used mobile pet grooming services always end up telling us how surprised they were by all of the hidden benefits that come with it for themselves. One of the biggest benefits is that it allows you to double task. Instead of having to dedicate an entire day being close to home, you can schedule the appointment at a time that is most convenient to you and leave the rest of the day free. It eliminates the time it takes to transport to and from an appointment. While you are saving time you can also accomplish other tasks during grooming appointments. Ultimately, this leaves much more time to enjoy doing the things you love most.

Another advantage is having another pair of eyes on your loyal friend. A dedicated professional pet groomer has the time to devote getting to know the nuances of your pet’s health indicators, such as the condition of the skin and fur. When something changes, they can bring it to your attention so that you can have the vet address any possible health problems. The peace of mind this provides is priceless.

Finally, you always know that you can see or check in on your mud monster whenever you like. As pet parents, we love that.


So who wins the smack down? We think it is just too close to call! The benefits San Diego mobile grooming services provide pets and their owners are just too many and too important to ignore. Pets win with lavish attention under the most comfortable conditions possible, while pet parents win with unbelievable convenience. (But if we had to choose a winner, it might have to be pet parents, because we know that what makes your pets happy makes you happy too, so you win twice!) Want to find out more? Feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help!

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