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Whats Up with Raw Pet Food Diets?

Posted by Awesome Doggies

As the raw food and paleolithic diets for humans gain popularity, raw pet food diets are becoming more popular as well. Proponents of raw food diets for dogs and cats state that it's healthier than dry pet food and also more like what a natural diet in the wild would be. Unlike humans, cats and dogs are natural carnivores, and their bodies are designed to digest raw meats for optimal nutrition.


The issue with traditional dry kibble is that it includes a lot of cheap, non-meat fillers like rice and corn, and what meat there is, gets cooked in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, cooking kills beneficial bacteria and destroys other nutrients that pets need for good health. Our pets don’t need a lot of rice or corn in their diets, and their bodies can't use much of it  either. Consequently, cats and dogs pass most of the filler ingredients out of their bodies as waste material…creating plenty of work for the pooper-scooper.


People looking to start feeding their pets a raw food diet have several options to choose from. You can find most of these items at specialty pet health food stores and even some health food stores for humans. San Diego Pet Food Delivery will even bring it right to your door! The three main varieties of raw food people can purchase are patties, nuggets and chubs.


Patties of raw meat for animals generally look similar to the pre-portioned hamburger patties we humans find in the grocery store. Like hamburgers, they're usually portioned into convenient sizes for feeding, such as a half pound or quarter pound. Nuggets are quite small, weighing in at something like 1 ounce. They often come frozen, and work well for people who want to add raw pet food to an existing non-raw pet food diet. Chubs, typically provide the most cost-efficient way to give your dog or cat a healthy raw diet. Chubs are packages that look like large sausages. They usually contain several pounds of meat and can feed an animal for several meals. A dog will typically eat 1 pound of raw meat per 50 pounds of body weight, while an average cat will consume about a half pound of meat per day.


For more information on healthy raw food diets for pets, follow this link provided by our friends at San Diego Pet Food Delivery.


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