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What Your Dog (or Cat) Wishes You Knew About Grooming

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-wishing-you-knew-about-groomingOne of the best things about being a groomer in San Diego is getting to know all the animals. As a dog and cat groomer you have the opportunity to see pets regularly and become familiar with their individual personalities. We know what you know—your pets absolutely rock!

We also have the low down on something else— what they wish you knew about professional grooming. While dog and cat grooming is a convenience to the pet owner, to the pet it is much more.

Here are the top things they want you to know about professional grooming:

Regular Grooming Saves Money

Getting groomed regularly saves you money in the long run. Staying clean and trimmed helps pets stay healthy, helping save trips to the vet. Groomers can also help spot health issues early while in more easily treated stages. And for long haired pets, it’s sooo much better to keep their coat clipped and mat free with regular grooming, rather than to let it go and then occasionally shave the dog naked and start over.


Professional Grooming is not the Same as a Home Bath

While pets always appreciate the effort and the attention, an at home bath is just not the same as a professional grooming. Groomers use special products, tools, and equipment made specifically for their needs. Plus they are professionally trained in the most efficient, productive methods of brushing and blow-drying. This makes the grooming faster and more tolerable as well as better for the skin and fur.

Groomers Do More than Bathe

If you are surprised at how quickly groomers accomplish the task at hand, you might be surprised to know that they do much more than just wash the pet. Groomers also perform other services that are very important to your pet’s health, such as cleaning ears, trimming nails (which protects the condition and health of paws), and cleaning and trimming around the sanitary areas.

groomer-with-knowledge-of-groomingIf You Get Nervous, They Get Nervous

Many pet owners worry that their pet may not like or tolerate a grooming. Pets pick up on fear or tension and have no way of translating or identifying the cause of your concern. What is loving concern for you is just a general sense of danger for them. If you are comfortable with grooming, it makes it much easier for the pet.

So, take it from your pet—professional grooming is a great way to add some relaxation to your day and a little extra attention in theirs! Contact us to schedule your mobile pet grooming appointment today!

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