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What Should You (and Your Pet) Expect from the First Mobile Grooming Appointment?

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Awesome-Doggies-Mobile-Pet-Grooming-unitYou made the call, now you are anxiously waiting for the first mobile grooming appointment for your favorite awesome doggie or fabulous feline. What will happen at the first appointment? How can you prepare? Let us help you out with a few details.

After You Make the Appointment

After you make an appointment with Awesome Doggies, we call you back for some specifics that will help us get to know Fido and find out if there are any special needs or concerns. This helps us prepare and make the time as efficient as possible, so we can return your friend to you, and to their environment, in a timely way.
We also use this call to find out if you have any questions, which we are always happy to answer!

We Value Your Time

Your time is important to us, so we work hard to be punctual. As you might expect though, mobile grooming services contend with unpredictable traffic and sometimes unpredictable pooches. When that happens, we always keep you updated if there is a delay. We appreciate your flexibility and always suggest leaving a 60 minute window around your appointment time.

Special Requirements?

Not many, but you can help us out with two things. Our mobile salon needs two parking spots, one right behind the other, to accommodate our length. We also need to be within 100 feet of water and electrical connections to connect our hoses and extension cords. We only use fresh, clean water (typically less than 10 gallons) which we warm prior to use.


That Important First Meeting

Grooming can be scary the first time. After all, Fluffy or Fido has no way of knowing what to expect and no way of understanding that we are there to pamper them. That’s why we take the time to get to know you first. If you are comfortable with us, it lets Fido know that we are all on the same team. Cats, who are by nature more aloof, may not need that introduction.

During the introduction we will confirm the services you desire and make sure the quote we gave is accurate. We will also discuss any special needs, health issues, or fears your dog or cat may have. We just want to be sure we provide the best and most thoughtful grooming possible by accommodating those needs.

How You Can Help Make the First Appointment Stellar for Your Pet

For the first appointment, set aside 90 minutes and stay with your baby as we do the pampering. This will help provide reassurance. If your dog or cat has a favorite toy, bring that too. Soon they will associate grooming with all the things that they love.

dog-after-mobile-grooming-appointmentStrutting Their Stuff

We want you to be just as happy as Fluffy or Fido, so once the grooming is complete, we will have you look them over while they show off their new squeaky clean look. If anything needs a little fine tuning, we do it on the spot. We will also make recommendations for future care and pet health.

Once we are done, we roll up and take the mess with us in the mobile pet grooming salon. No stress, no mess... just happy fur babies that will definitely look forward to their next mobile grooming session.

If you have any further questions, or want to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us and we can help you out!

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