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What are Dog Washing Machines?

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-with-no-dog-washing-machineYou may have heard of dog washing machines and wondered what on earth they were and how they worked. We have to admit, the concept brought some interesting pictures to our own minds of sudsy pups in some kind of automated system, like a car wash.

Surprisingly, our visions were not too far from the reality. The systems work similarly to a cross between a washing machine and car wash, and makers say it is completely safe and dog friendly.

Dog washing machines, also called dog washing stations, are popping up all across the country in retail pet stores and aim to make the self-wash a bit easier. While they do encourage regular hygiene, there are some places where these stations fall short.

Here is How Dog Washing Machines Work

Almost like something out of the Jetson’s, the dog washing machine is an automated system, much like a carwash. It is made of an individual stall or stalls, each with a see-through door so owners can observe the process from the outside. Similar to a car wash, the dog goes through an automated process of washing; rinsing and then a temperature controlled blow drying cycle.

The Advantages

Makers of the dog washing machines purport that the machines act as a hydro massage therapy and can relieve muscle and joint pain as well as promote stress relief. A certain advantage is that regular bathing is known to promote better health.And if dog washing machines mean your pup is being regularly bathed, they may be healthier.

Drawbacks of Dog Washing Machines

Forgive us dog washing machine makers, but we just can’t help picturing Astro crashing out of that cool space house and heading to the interstellar dog run when George Jetson said the word “bath”. While the concept is interesting, some dogs, especially fragile and older dogs, might find being confined stressful, and may not be able to tolerate the noise and unusual movements of the automation system.

Automated dog washes also remove the human element which can be lifesaving in some cases as some problems are best felt while the dog is wet. A hand wash allows you to feel for skin abnormalities, unusual lumps, matting, and ticks that may need medical attention. Dog washing machines are also unable to detect changes in fur and skin that could indicate sickness.

An additional drawback includes the inability to control a wiggly or nervous pup. This could lead to the possibility that the pet may inadvertently get sprayed in the eyes, nose or mouth with water or may be unable to tolerate the automated drying process.

dog-not-being-washed-by-a-dog-washing-machineSo what is our verdict on the future of dog washing machines? Our guess is that it will be a hard sell convincing reluctant and fragile pups to get in and enjoy the process. Overall, while a good option for durable dogs, it can’t provide what most parents want beyond convenience, which is the added element of care and human touch. It can also be unsafe for older and weaker dogs who will not be able to tolerate the process.

Watch the video to see a dog washing machine in action, and judge for yourself on whether or not this is a good idea for your pup.

Ultimately, dog washing machines are an interesting concept, and good for the occasional wash. They are not, however grooming machines. At Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming we believe that grooming should be convenient as well as comprehensive, without terrifying Astro. Contact us for more information and to set up you mobile grooming appointment today!

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