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What Are Cage Dryers?

Posted by Awesome Doggies

You may have heard cage dryers mentioned in the news recently in the wake of a death of a dog during a grooming session and wondered what they were, or how they work. More importantly, you may be wondering if they are dangerous.

Types of Cage Dryers

Cage dryers are just like they sound; cages with dryers either attached or able to be aimed at the cage. They come in systems that can use heat, no heat, or ones that have several levels from hot to cold that can be controlled by the groomer.

Why Are Cage Dryers Used?

Cage drying is usually practiced at high velocity pet grooming salons because they allow the pet to dry while the groomer prepares another pet, reducing the time pet parents wait and increasing the number of pets they are able to groom.

Are Cage Dryers Safe?

Not all cage dryers are dangerous when properly used, but the nature of the purpose for which they are used is reason to be concerned about pet safety. Most cage drying injuries are caused by hot air blowing on a dog or cat which results in burns or overheating. Many salon deaths are attributed to cage drying. The cages are small and the animal is only able to move a small amount, if at all. Even dryers using low or no heat can pose a hazard to many breeds such as pugs and bulldogs, making it very difficult to breathe. The problems arise when the drying process is left unsupervised—but it is the flexibility cage dryers provide that make them so widely used. In large salons pets are placed in cage dryers while the groomer works on other pets. In a very busy salon, it may be easy to get caught up with another pet needing more time or forget one that in is a cage dryer.


Are Cage Dryers the Safest Choice?

Not only are cage dryers not the safest choice, they are not even the most effective in getting the job done. The safest choices are towel drying and using a low/no heat hand dryer in the hands of an experienced groomer. In this way the groomer is able to direct the heat safely, where needed, for the shortest amount of time possible. This ensures the fur is properly dried in all areas, keeps eyes safe from drying or wind abrasions, and protected from overheating.

At Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Salon, we use the safest grooming practices and uphold the strictest standards when it comes for caring for your beloved dogs and cats. Our goal is to ensure that pet parents have the best choice in pet grooming in San Diego, and have confidence in our loving care. Feel free to contact us and we can tell you all about it!

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