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Trim Those Doggie Nails!

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Your favorite mobile pet groomers (Awesome Doggies of course) were featured in a recent issue of the GSDBA's Community Connection magazine, for our advice on how to trim your dog's nails.  We've excerpted a reprise to share with you in this week's blog...



Do I Really Need To  Trim My Dog's Nails?

Maybe. A dog's nails need to be kept short in order for Fido to remain healthy. Overgrown and ingrown nails are painful for your pooch and can distort their posture, or lead to serious infection. But depending on how active your dog is, and what types of surfaces she walks on, her nails may get worn down naturally. However, if the tips of your dog's nails touch the floor when they stand, it's a good bet those nails could stand a trim.

Previous Nail Trimming Trauma Can Be Overcome

Many dogs do not like getting their nails clipped. It's your job (and ours as professional groomers) to make nail trimming a positive experience. Nail clipping does not need to be traumatic for Fifi. If your dog has been traumatized by nail clipping gone wrong in the past, keep in mind that their fear is not going to go away overnight. We have many happy stories of pups that used to panic when the nail clippers came out, but now cooperate calmly during nail clips.

A Few Tips on Nail Trimming to Get You Started

Front feet often need to be trimmed more than back feet, so if you find yourself taking a lot off the front, don't assume the same amount will need to come off the back.

 Don't forget to trim the dewclaws (those extra nails that are halfway up the legs on the inside).

If you are sensitive to scratches, any rough edges left by the clippers can be sanded smooth using a metal nail file (recommended) or alternately, a fine textured dremel. Dremels are not for beginners.  See our previous post on nail trimming for more info.

If doggie nail trimming is outside your comfort zone, use the services of a professional groomer, or have the nails trimmed as part of your next vet visit.

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