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Top 5 Grooming Supplies Every Cat Owner Needs

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Anyone who owns a cat knows what great fun they are; our feline friends are excellent at grooming themselves but there is always room for improvement. Below are the top five grooming products you should have:


1 Slicker Brush - This is a must-have for any cat owner. Included with a slicker brush is everything you need to keep your cat's coat in tip-top condition with tools for removing dead undercoat and stimulating the skin. When using the brush, make sure that you have fun with your cat and find ways that your pet likes being brushed.

2 De-shedder - This is a marvelous cat grooming product. Shedding can become a problem if you like to keep a tidy house. The climate in San Diego is warm and your cat probably sheds most of the year. Regular use of a de-shedder will cut the amount of loose fur your cat sheds by up to 90%! Think about how much time it will save you on sweeping! Use this product the same way you use a brush – but in shorter sessions to avoid any possible irritation.

3 Grooming Mitts - These are an excellent way to relax your cat, as using a grooming mitt gives a calming massage. If you want to get your cat purring away, a grooming mitt is the perfect answer. All you have to do is pop the mitt on and sweep it over your cat's fur and it will not only give a well-needed massage, but will also remove loose hair.

4 Tangle Removers – These products are great for cats with long hair. Tangles are difficult to remove with a standard brush; if you use a tangle remover the job will go much more quickly and your cat will thank you for it! Tangle removers have larger, sharper, stiffer tines than brushes (to break through mats quickly) but are safe when used properly.

 5 Nail Clippers - It's important to help your cat keep their claws healthy. They can do it themselves as Mother Nature intended, but now and then especially indoor cats may need a little help. Ensure that you know how to use nail clippers. The last thing you need is to cut nails too short. The trick is to know where the nerves start within your cat's claws, just make sure that you don't cut too far down (where the pink bit starts). If you do, it will result in a very unhappy cat!



All the products above can be purchased in most San Diego pet supply stores. Ask your professional groomer to show you how to use them if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help.
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