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Tips for Finding a Great Vet in San Diego

Posted by Awesome Doggies

San Diego pet owners know this area is very pet-friendly. Dog-friendly beaches, dog parks, and open spaces allow pet owners the luxury of good times with their canine pals. And even though we get to enjoy the benefits of Southern California living, like us, our pets need a little doctor-love from time to time.  Whether you're new in town or new to pet ownership, if you're looking for a vet, here are some criteria to help find the right medical professional to help you keep your pet in the best possible health. 

Location & Specialty

One of the first criteria for the San Diego area vet search is location. What part of the city or outlying areas you live in helps to narrow your search. For example, if you are in North County, you will likely want to concentrate your search to this region.  Another consideration is whether you want or need a specialist in a particular area of veterinary medicine, or if you would prefer a doctor or practice that is limited to just cats or perhaps certain breeds of dogs. San Diego is fortunate to have lots of vets that specialize as well as many wonderful general practitioners.

24-Hour Emergency Vets

One other criterion to look for in a vet is the availability of on-call emergency services, should something terrible occur in the wee hours. Ask the vet office what the available emergency services are, and if the vet from the office is the responder or if an outside vet is brought in under such circumstances. Always keep the emergency hotline where it is easily found, be it on a smartphone contact list or a print out placed on the fridge. Be aware that some vet hospitals specialize in 24 Hour emergency care, so depending on how your regular vet's emergency coverage works, you may want to have both a "doggy ER" and your regular vet on speed dial.

That Good Old Lovin' Feeling

You and your pet should be able to trust, and yes, even love, your vet. You want to feel comfortable in the vet's waiting area and exam rooms, and you need to be able to communicate well with office staff and doctors. Visit the office you are considering to see if you "get a good vibe."

Perhaps more importantly, find out about their approach to pet health care. Is their philosophy compatible with your own beliefs and budget?  The vet down the block who gets rave reviews and uses all the latest diagnostic tools,  tests and treatments to provide excellent health care may not be the best fit for you, if you prefer a holistic or minimalist approach. Find the right fit, and you, your vet, and your pet will enjoy that good old lovin' feeling for years to come! 

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