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Tips to Make Bath Time Simple and Hassle-Free

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Is your pup in need of a bath? You know when it's time, but your fur kids might not want to hear it. They paw around and resist, making a total mess of the situation. By the time you're done, you may as well have taken a bath yourself! 

But imagine if your pup could actually learn to love baths? I know, impossible, you say! Well, we can't guarantee that we'll have your fury loved ones totally behaved in the tub, but we do have some tips to help your puppy stay clean, while you stay dry. 

Get your Pup Acclimated to the Tub

It's wise to make sure your pup knows what's coming, and that there's no reason to be nervous. The more they become familiar with the bathroom or bathing area, the easier it will be to keep them calm, and eventually even looking forward to their wash time. Some great ways to keep your pup's worries at bay are as follows:

  • Puppy chow and games: Serve a dish of puppy food or some treats a couple times a week in the washroom. Or even play around with them within the area so they know it's a welcoming, warm environment free of harm. It helps to familiarize your pup with their surroundings, and will prevent them from the shock of a new, foreign area.
  • Brush your pup: This benefit is twofold. Brushing your pup's fur before a bath helps to prevent knots and ties when washing, and it also helps to create a routine. Each time their hair is brushed, they will know the bath-process is underway, allowing your pup to ready him/herself. 
  • Allow your pet to explore the tub: This is another way to calm your pup's nerves. Introduce the tub or sink to them. Let them hop in and explore before pouring water so they know there is nothing to be afraid of.

Prepare your Tub

Preparation is key to efficiency! Any task in life, if you're prepared beforehand, will be much simpler. Washing your fur friend is no different. Here are a few ways to prepare your tub to help create a quicker, more efficient experience for yourself, and your dog:

  • Lay down an anti-slip mat: The best thing you can do for yourself when washing your pet is to make sure they aren't slipping sliding all around, making a big mess for you to clean up later. An anti-friction mat that will allow your dog to move around with ease, while keeping them grounded, is a great solution.
  • Do not overfill your tub/use warm water: An overfilled tub that looks like a bath you might take could look more like pool-time to your pet, and that might alarm them. Filling your tub a few inches should be enough to ease your pet's worries. Always use lukewarm water for your pet's comfort.  
  • Keep your supplies close: You don't want to stray too far away from your pet when giving them a bath. They might jump out of the tub or knock things over. Make sure to set up your shampoo, towels, and cleaning supplies beside you, as well as some treats or doggy toys to reward your good boy!

Struggling to Find Time to Give your Dog a Bath?

Things to do and people to see. The responsibilities seem to be endless these days, and maybe finding the time to keep your pup properly groomed is hard to come by. We get it, that's why Awesome Doggies has you covered. We offer baths with shampoo free of harmful chemicals, mani-pedis, berry facials, haircuts and so much more, all via a mobile, quick, convenient means right at your door! Please contact us today to learn more about our Mobile Pet Grooming method.

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