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Tips From A Dog Groomer: Recognizing Pet-Parent Separation Anxiety

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Congratulations, you're a new pet-parent. This isn't a responsibility you take lightly. You did the research to select the perfect pet, prepared carefully before bringing her home, have spent time bonding, and conscientiously arranged all aspects of care for your adorable new family member. But is there such a thing as caring too much? Well not really - there's no such thing as too much love. But if your heart pounds at the thought of your baby being out of site, even just for the hour or so it takes to get spiffed up in our mobile salon, you probably have pet-parent separation

Don't worry, you're not alone. Many dog moms and dads report experiencing the same issue, and it's easier to recognize than you think.

Below are 5 signs you have pet-parent separation anxiety:

  1. Pre-separation: It's happened to the best of us. You're on the computer, making preparations for a mandatory work trip. All of a sudden you realize puppy can't go with you. The next thing you know you're sobbing and breathing into a paper bag. Alright, maybe it's not quite that dramatic, but you did tear up a little. If the mere thought of leaving your baby with a pet-sitter for a few days causes a lump in your throat, you're at risk of separation anxiety.
  2. If puppy can't go I'm not going: Did you choose your last hand-bag with the sole purpose of sneaking your baby into stores that are less than pet-friendly? If you've been asked on more than one occasion why your purse is barking, you definitely have an issue with separation. 
  3. Dog park drama: Do you avoid off-leash parks because you fear puppy-face venturing off too far? If you're ready to ignite a full on Amber alert because your princess wasn't within arms reach for more than thirty seconds, it's definitely time admit you have a problem.
  4. Another picture?: "I just have to show you the picture I took of my puppy sleeping last night. Oh, and here's one of him walking, and that's him getting a drink from his new bowl." Are you guilty of not having enough memory in your phone because it's full of pictures of your pet simply existing? There's no argument that your baby is beyond adorable, but it probably takes a few chains and a pack of wild horses to pull you away from him.
  5. He likes you better: Does that sound like something you've said before? Do you feel like your dog doesn't love you when he jumps in someone else's lap? If you're prepared to end a five-year relationship because your fur-baby gives all your attention away, you might have a the slightest problem. 

If you relate to most or all of these signs, you definitely experience anxiety about leaving your pet. When you stress, your dog stresses. We all wish we never had to leave our babies, but sometimes it's necessary - for the well being of your pet as well as for you. Easing separation anxiety is challenging, but not impossible. Taking baby-steps toward stress free separation is good for you and your pet. Start with a few minutes and then work up to being apart a few hours at a time. After all, as the saying goes, 'absence makes the heart grow fonder,' and those welcome back kisses and joyful greetings are a pleasure not to be missed!

To talk about this, or anything else doggie-wise, please contact us. Thanks for reading.
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