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The Power of the FURminator for Shedding Dogs and Cats

Posted by Awesome Doggies

We Recommend the FURminator for Dogs and Cats That Shed


We love our fur babies, but not necessarily that one problem that comes with them—shedding. Shedding is a natural process where old fur falls out, allowing new fur to come in. It happens in all breeds (except completely hairless breeds, of course) to some degree. Indoor dogs shed more consistently than outdoor dogs, making it real stressful to keep under control.

Battling shedding is an ongoing and daily process, and one you may sometimes feel like you are losing. We hear you.

So many of our mobile pet grooming clients ask us about how they can control shedding that we wanted to share some info on what we do in our mobile salons. In addition to working out the undercoat during the bath and blow-dry process, we use tools that are specially designed to reduce shedding. Our favorite of these tools is called the FURminator. The FURminator was developed by a professional groomer who, after a decade of trying to find one tool that would safely and comfortably remove a dog’s undercoat without success, developed one herself along with her husband. Now, it is one of the most popular and effective tools on the market.

The concept of the tool is to remove as much of the loose undercoat as possible and capture it in the tool for easy removal and disposal. The tool is designed to do this quickly and easily without damaging the dog or cat’s delicate skin or coat. The edge of the tool is unique from other de-shedding tools, and in our opinion is far superior than any we have ever tried. This thing removes a TON of fur!

Why we Love the FURminator


The FURminator (besides having a really cool name) is awesome because it reduces dog shedding up to 60-80% when used on a regular (4-6 weeks) basis without changing the look of your pet – their top coat stays in place, but the loose parts of the undercoat (the part that sheds all over your house) is removed and kept up with. This offers a great alternative to summer shave-downs, keeps pets cooler, and keeps houses cleaner.

We also love that the FURminator is an easy tool for our customers to use at home (if they want to). We tend to get more fur out during a professional grooming (because we focus on de-shedding during the bath and blow-drying processes in addition to brushing with the FURminator and other tools that may work on certain coats), but for those very heavy shedders, our customers love how easy the FURminator is to use at home in between grooms.

Why we Recommend the FURminator for Cats


Cats remove most of their shedding fur in the process of self-grooming. As they lick their coat, the fur ends up getting swallowed. Since the fur does not digest, it causes hairballs which can cause the cat painful and sometimes very serious digestive problems. De-shedding with the FURminator removes as much of the dead loose fur as possible, preventing it from getting into the cats stomach. Having less fur around is more convenient for the pet parent, and is also much healthier for the pet.

Contact us for more information and to schedule your next rooming appointment. While shedding may be an ongoing problem, don’t stress out about it. It'll be just a short time until the next grooming appointment and “we’ll be baaaack!”

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