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The Pet Peeves of a Cat

Posted by Awesome Doggies


Everyone knows that when a cat comes into a home, it quickly takes over and rules the roost. Of course, the cat can't speak, but they do have pet peeves and they do have ways of making those known. You can tell by a cat's body language when they are upset about something. Take a look around and you will soon find it. Here are a few reasons your cat may have an attitude:

Stinky Facilities

Your cat's sense of smell is up to fourteen times stronger than yours, so a stinky litter box is a huge no-no for them. If you don't clean the stinky litter box in a timely fashion, your cat will find another place to go. It will likely be an out of the way place, like your clean clothes basket, because cats do not like to use the bathroom in public.

scared-catAnything Noisy

Cats are basically quiet animals and a lot of noise and commotion really bothers them. Have you ever noticed that when you have tons of company the cat will disappear? The reason is that the noise bothers her. The Fourth of July and New Year's Eve fireworks can be particularly stressful for many cats, so keep an eye on your feline companion during these times.



Being Ignored

While cats want to be loved when they want to be loved, and left alone when they don't; contrary to popular beliefs they are not solitary animals. Although your cat may ignore you from time to time, don't return the favor. Being ignored by her human can be very hard on a cat, even if you are just in another room working. Always take time to cuddle your kitty when they need you to. After all, they are part of the family as well.

Cats, like people, are individuals, so these common kitty pet peeves may or may not apply to your favorite feline. By paying attention to their body language and actions, you will come to understand your own cat's likes and dislikes. They may not speak our language, but cats have ways of letting us know!


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