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The Importance of Dog Grooming And What Often Happens When It's Neglected

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mobile-dog-grooming-la-jolla-san-diegoGrooming your lovable furry friend is so much more than just a special treat or privilege for them, it's actually necessary to keep them in optimum health. Just as you should feed, walk, and love on your dog on a routine basis, so too should you pencil in time to groom them, even if it is just a few minutes of brushing their coat. So why is this task so important? In this post, we will take a look at why dog grooming is a necessary part of pet ownership and what can happen when your dog isn't regularly groomed.

  1. Regular Grooming is Needed to Check on Your Dog's Health: Brushing and bathing your dog is so much more than just making sure they smell and look clean, it's necessary to ensure they are in great health. A routine grooming will allow you to check their coat and keep an eye out for any strange bumps, spots, or cysts. Grooming will also allow you to take a look at their skin and catch any other problems such as fleas before the issue becomes too much to handle. If you don't have enough time in your busy schedule to groom your dog regularly, a professional groomer can help. This is especially beneficial since professional groomers are trained to look out for clues to possible health issues when grooming your pet. 
  2. There Are Emotional Benefits to Grooming: Grooming your dog is a chance to bond with your furry friend. When they are groomed, it helps alleviate a substantial deal of stress and anxiety and thus further secure the bond between you two. Grooming your lovable pet is a great way for you to relax as well. But most importantly, just a few minutes of grooming on a routine basis will ensure that your pup's physical, mental, and emotional health is in top shape.
  3. Grooming Protects Your Dog's Health: Perhaps you have seen heartbreaking photos of dogs who have been neglected and have matted coats because they were abandoned, homeless, or had owners who didn't care for them. Fortunately, most people would never allow that to happen to their fur kids, but these do photos show what can happen when a pup is not cared for properly. To keep your dog's fur and skin in great shape and prevent them from developing a gnarled coat, dedicate some time every week to brushing their coat and scheduling baths periodically. Again, if you just don't have the time to routinely groom your pet, see a professional. Professional groomers are also trained to handle anxious dogs or puppies who are a bit more difficult to bathe so you don't have to worry about the hassle. 
  4. A Groomed Pet is a Happy Pet (With Happy Human Parents): When you are regularly grooming your pet, he or she isn't the only one benefiting from it. A clean, thoroughly groomed pet means dealing with less shedding around the home. It also means there is less of a chance of them tracking mud and dirt or, worse yet, a problem like fleas into your home. All of these things can easily be prevented by making sure your pet is properly groomed and bathed. If you don't have the resources and products to groom your pet, consider taking them to the groomers where they are equipped with everything needed to care for your pet. At the grooming center, they will have everything from canine toothpaste to eye wipes to ear drops to ensure every part of your pet is groomed and looking immaculate.

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