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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Groomer

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Are you weighing whether to hire a professional pet groomer or do it yourself? Pet grooming sounds easy enough, right? And it does provide an excellent opportunity to bond with your pet. But you may find it physically taxing, possibly tedious, and you can definitely expect to get wet, dirty, and covered in hair! The often time-consuming task of grooming a pet is not for everybody! 

Why does my pet need grooming?

If you are the type of pet lover who not only lets the dog in the house, but also lets the dog in your (or your child's) bed, you understand that pets need to be kept clean and sanitary just like every other member of the family. When pets and people share living and sleeping quarters, a regular pet grooming schedule is very important!  Plus, if your pet has a long coat, regular brushing and combing will be necessary to prevent painful mats from developing.  Do you have the time and patience to groom and maintain your pet on a regular basis?

The benefits of professional grooming

Do yourself a favor and leave the job to a professional pet groomer. You'll free up your time, and your pet will probably get more regular care than if you try to do it yourself. You can also feel good knowing that professional pet groomers are providing expert care and personal attention to your pet’s needs. In many cases, observant groomers detect lumps and other health problems before pet owners do -- and a good groomer will alert you of any suspect conditions so that you can have them checked out by your vet. 

Are you ready to hire a groomer?

When choosing a groomer, first consider whether you are looking for service at a traditional shop environment, or would benefit from having a mobile grooming service come to your home. In the past ten years, mobile pet grooming technology has developed so that top quality professional grooming services can be provided right at your doorstep, eliminating the need to transport your pet or interrupt your day with trips to and from the groom shop.  

Check out the reputation of the grooming service you are considering. Look for recommendations and testimonials from previous customers. Ask your friends, neighbors and your veterinarian. If you have any special circumstances or concerns that need to be addressed, call and discuss if your preferences can be accommodated.

Regular grooming is an important part of maintaining your pet’s health in tip-top shape.  Hiring a professional pet groomer is a gift you can give to yourself and to your pet. It offers many benefits like having a clean house, a clean pet, more free time, and it frees you up from the struggles, stresses, hair and grime you'll encounter when doing the job on your own.  Of course, if you can get your kids to do the job well and reliably, that's great. Just call in the professionals when it's time for a haircut!   

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