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Taking Care of Your Pup in Winter Weather

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoWinter is in full swing now, and while that doesn't mean freezing temperatures for the folks here in sunny San Diego, it does mean slightly cooler temperatures. Because of this, there is a good chance you will want to change a few things about your doggy care routine in order to keep your furry friend comfortable through the cooler months. 

Wondering what you might change to keep your pooch nice and comfy? Here are a few wintertime tips for dog owners in the San Diego area. 

Time Walks Right — If you have a smaller pup or a dog with a thin coat, you may find that even here in this warm part of the country, the colder early morning and/or late evening temperatures are uncomfortable for them. Pay attention to your little friend, and if they seem too cold during your usual walk time, change things up and go for a walk later in the morning, or in the afternoon when the sun is bright and warm.

Pay Attention to Weather — Fortunately for your furry friend, the fact that you live in Southern California means outside time can continue throughout the winter months. That said, the temperatures will still drop fairly low on occasion, especially at night. Therefore, you will want to take extra care to watch the weather and bring your dog inside if the weather is expected to become extra cold and you won't be around to let them back in. 

Give Your Dog a Bed — Chillier outside temperatures mean cooler floors. If your dog sleeps on the floor, this can be uncomfortable for them. Help keep your pup comfy and warm at night by giving them a dog bed or a snuggly blanket to sleep on. Your little friend is sure to appreciate the gesture, and you will both sleep more soundly at night. 

Avoid Space Heaters — Because we rarely get uncomfortably low temperatures here, many San Diego residents use small space heaters when needed in place of central heat. While this is economical, it is dangerous for doggies who may cuddle up to the heater without realizing the dangers this poses. Because nobody wants to see their pet burned, it is best to stick to the central heat if at all possible. 


Stay Hydrated — Many pet owners worry less about their dog's hydration during the cooler months. While this seems logical, it isn't the best practice. Dogs need plenty of water even when the weather is cooler, and this is even more true for the dogs of Southern California who are likely to be active and outdoors throughout the winter. Because of this, it is important that you continue to offer your pup plenty of water even as we experience our coldest days of the year.

Never Leave Your Dog in the Car — Despite the fact that the weather is now much cooler, it is still never a good idea to leave your pet in the car unattended. The sun will still heat your car more quickly than you might think, and if the car is left running, carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat. 

Be Sure to Groom — Last but not least, you simply must be sure to keep your doggie well-groomed during the winter months. Cooler weather can lead to dry skin, and a well-groomed coat will help keep your furry friend well-insulated for the sometimes-chilly outdoor play. Besides, who doesn't want a silky soft, great-smelling dog to snuggle with while they enjoy hot tea on a chilly evening?

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