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Take Pet Photos You'll Love Forever!

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Great pet photographs capture what you love about Fido or Fluffy. But due to their bouncy, curious nature, taking pictures of pets isn't always easy, and neither is capturing their unique personality. However, with a bit of practice and a few tips, you’ll soon be getting first-rate photos of your beloved cat or dog that show how very special they really are.

Make Your Pets Look Good

 A great photograph always starts with the subject matter looking their best. You wouldn't take a picture of yourself with scraggly, uncombed hair, and the same should apply to your dog or cat. For best results, schedule your photo sessions right after a professional grooming session. Alternately, gently clean the crusts out of the corners of your pet’s eyes, and run a brush through their coat before picking up the camera. Of course if a candid moment arises, just grab your camera and go for it.

Find a Beautiful Background

 San Diego is packed full of beautiful locations that can provide eye-catching backdrops for your photographs – Dog Beach or Balboa Park, for example. But don’t forget your backyard, where your dog may be calmer and more comfortable, and therefore easier to photograph. Consider your pet and his or her personality, and then seek out a location that helps amplify those unique traits. Is Rover hyper? Consider taking him to a dog park, where you can photograph him as he plays and runs. Is Fifi calm and sophisticated? Photograph her in a regal pose by a fountain in your garden. A nice location helps accentuate both your pet and the photograph as a whole, resulting in some great pictures. Catching your pet a little off center in the frame usually results in a more pleasing photo than if you line them up dead center (and they’re not likely to cooperate with precise placement anyway!)

Dogs and Cats Need Patience

Dogs are often hyper and curious, while cats can be shy or reclusive. Such personality traits can make it difficult to get great pictures, especially if your dog wants to sniff the camera or your cat wants to hide from it. Be patient, and give your pet time to get used to the camera; once they lose interest in it, they're more likely to ignore it and go about their normal activities. That’s the perfect time to snap some great shots. Turning off the flash and the sound of the shutter click (if that’s an option) often helps skittish pets relax.

Try a Different Angle

Most of the things that happen in a dog’s (or cat’s) world take place down near the ground. Get down there with them and take pictures at their eye level or below. While you’re down there, take a look at the world from their point of view.

Zoom In

Fill the frame mostly with your pet – but use a zoom to do it, rather than getting right up in their face. Too much proximity may make your critters nervous, so stand back and let the camera do the work.  With most pets, the less aware they are that you are trying to photograph them, the more normal they act. Take every opportunity to zoom in on those puppy eyes and facial expressions that you love. Filling the photo frame with just a face makes for a great photo! 

Have fun with your pet and your camera, and share your best shots on our Facebook page – we’d love to see them!


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