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Superhero Dogs and Canine Blood Transfusion

Posted by Awesome Doggies

superhero-dogYou know that here at Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming, we think all dogs are cape-wearing superheros, but today we'd like to give a howl out to some extra special crusading canines—canine blood donors. Dogs suffer from trauma and diseases such as cancer or anemia just like their human family. Just like in human medicine, there are many treatments available to save or improve their quality of life but without blood products, those treatments are impossible or too risky undergo. In many cases, the availability of life saving treatment depends not just on the skill of the veterinarian, but also on the help of incredible canine blood donors.

Veterinary Medicine is Becoming Increasingly Sophisticated

Just like in human medicine, each year veterinary medicine offers new and exciting lifesaving treatments to improve and prolong the life of our best friends. Veterinary medicine includes a wide range of advanced options in emergency and internal medicine, oncology, critical care, and soft tissue surgeries. Just like in human medical care, all of these advancements increase the demand for canine blood products.

The Need is Always Urgent

Unfortunately, while the demand is high the availability of canine blood product is actually low, sometimes even non-existent in emergency situations. Also adding to the complications is that smaller practices may not have a place to store blood products which are only good for 30 days. When veterinarians get blood from a blood bank, they usually get a universal blood type (similar to the human “O-”) which can be used once on most canines without adverse reactions. When a dog needs multiple transfusions, the risk of reaction increases with each one. Many animal doctors have faced the problem of a pup having a life threatening sickness or injury but be limited in treatment for a shortage of blood product.

Where Do Veterinarians Generally Get Blood Products?

Until very recently with the advent of canine blood banks, veterinarians had to rely on their own dogs, or those of staff or clients who volunteer their dogs as donors to get the blood critical to many treatments. Today, there are several national canine blood banks as well as a growing number of regional blood banks and blood donor programs to help meet the need. Veterinarians also depend on a pool of local donors whom they can call when the need arises.

How Can Our Best Friends Be Superheros?

If your amazing pup wants to be a lifesaving hero, the best place to start is with your own veterinarian. Some pet hospitals have a donor program in place but can always help direct you to where you can go to donate. Your pup will go through a screening and must meet certain health, age, and weight requirements before participation. Dogs must be in good health and current on their vaccinations. Some programs ask that you participate a certain number of times a year. All it takes is a trip to the donation site and about 45 minutes, and your pup is elevated to a true lifesaver.

Are There Disadvantages?

Canine blood donation is fast, easy, and causes no harm to the blood donor. The process also offers a benefit to the donor in the form of regular check-ups, blood typing, and sometimes chemistry profile, and testing for common diseases.

Here at Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming we have the pleasure of grooming many dogs in the San Diego area who answer the call to donate blood. We are so proud of these heroes and privileged to be a part of a great community of San Diegans.

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