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So, What is the Tender Loving Groom?

Posted by Awesome Doggies

our-tender-loving-groomThe TLG is our signature papering—our own brand of grooming awesomeness.

Here at Awesome Doggies, we do things a little differently. Your loyal friend is not our job; he is the center of our world.

The “same old grooming” is just not good enough in our book, so we developed a signature service that would make tails wag and pet parents proud.

What Does the TLG include?

Of course a great pet grooming must include all of the things that will make your best friend shine, but at Awesome Doggies, we consider every facet of grooming from the water and products we use, to the soothing environment and warm salon welcome with chamomile and lavender scented towels.

Here’s what is included in the signature service:

Bathing- Bathing may seem like a straight forward service, but you may not know what our bathing includes, or what makes it different. While some mobile grooming services recycle the water, we only use fresh, clean water for every wash. We also use all natural, biodegradable, cruelty free shampoos. Specialty shampoos such as oatmeal, or hypoallergenic shampoos are available, or you are free to provide your own. Once your pet is washed, we use a crème rinse conditioner as needed.

Eyes and Ears- We gently clean the eyes and ears, and pluck ear hair on request.

Berry Facial- We use a special tearless cleanser and massage it into facial hair. Dogs love it.

dog-enjoying-the-tender-loving-groomHand Blow Drying and Brushing- We hand dry and do not use cage dryers. Ever.

Feet, Paw Pads, Nails- We always give special attention to paws and nail care. After all, the condition of the paws is an important part of their ability to get proper exercise. We carefully clip and file the nails and moisturize the pads and nails as needed.

Sanitary Area Trimmed- If needed, we trim the sanitary area.

Anal Glands- On request, we express the anal glands.

Finishing Touch- A finishing touch of conditioning mist or gel leaves the coat soft, shiny, and smelling wonderful.

The Treat- With your permission, we finish each session with a delicious and healthy treat.

When it is all done, we roll up and take the mess with us and the only proof we’ve been there is your squeaky clean and happy friend. Yep. That’s how we roll.

Please contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment!

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