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So - We Have a New President... At Least We're All Still Alive. Here's How to Get Your Dog Ready to Change History.

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Where do we start? It has been a wild week and a week that many of us have been dreading. Maybe you felt that way at your own house...

While we aren't one to bring politics into our business, we did want to take a minute to reassure you. We can do this! We're gonna get through this... but we will keep this intro short and sweet.

We Californians are eternal optimists and we would like to start by saying that we are all still alive, California has not been hit by a crater and the next 4 years are going to give us plenty of opportunity to make history... and march around... like A LOT.

Of course, you would never dream of changing history without your dog (or cat) by your side. If you plan on walking to make a difference this year, here are 4 easy ways to ensure that your pet is ready for all that limelight.

Get your pet groomed by a pro

Every celebrity needs their own stylist and that is kind of what our pet grooming does for dogs. We take your already-amazing pet and make them even more amazing. Not only will they be ready for their close-up, but they will also be ready for any ridiculous outfit you can dream up. We are pet people too... we totally understand your urge to put your bulldog in a Lady Liberty costume. We do hope that if you do that you will send pictures!

Need a good giggle? Check out these pictures of dogs that look like Donald Trump. (No, we aren't going to do any of those hairdo's)

Work your pet into your mission

Pets bring everybody together and no matter what side of the fence you are on, pets are neutral, wonderful and always good. Work your pet into your mission by creating a clever sign that gives your pet a voice. For instance, you could say "Paws on Parade for Change" or something else typically corny but cute. Then, Instagram the heck out of that picture because you are going to get plenty of likes... we promise.

Make it a family affair. Nobody can do it alone

Why make history alone when you can do it with your family or friends? This is especially true if you have a daughter because we are living in a time when women's lib is going to be in the history books all over again. Knowing that someday your daughter can look back and say, "We did this together.... we even took the dog"... well, that in and of itself is priceless. These memories will be ones that you treasure together for a lifetime.

Chill out...we are in this thing together

We think we can all admit that we are apprehensive about the next 4 years, but it helps to know that we are all in this together. It helps even more to know that our pets are in it for the long haul with us. Having them to listen to our problems, our minor freak outs and our all-around complaining is what makes our life so rich. Best of all, they never get annoyed by what ails us - no matter what that is. They are always there to guide us and remind us that it could be worse... because it could. We could be going through this without them.

Take a look at what these dogs had to say.

As you journey into the future of change, we know that you will help to make history simply by being the good, wonderful pet people that you are. We salute you and we want you to know that it means so much to us to be in this thing together. No matter where you fall in the political debacle of current events... we love you and your pets just as you are and we are proud to stand, or walk with you, as we make our way into tomorrow.

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