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Signs of Canine Arthritis in Dogs

Posted by Awesome Doggies

signs-of-canine-arthritisCanine arthritis is the most common health problem in older dogs, yet one of the least recognized by dog owners until the later stages. Just like in humans, arthritis can sneak up on our furry friends and makes life difficult and painful. Recognizing the signs early and making simple changes can help make life a lot better for the furry members of your family.

According to WebMD, arthritis affects one in five dogs during their lifetime, and is not necessarily reserved for older dogs. Many dogs have a predisposition for the problem because of other problems common to their breed, such as hip dysplasia. It can even be caused by earlier injuries.

Here is what to look for if you suspect your fur baby might be suffering from canine arthritis:

  1. Increased problems getting up from a laying position.

  2. Limping which may seem more noticeable or worse when your dog first rises. 

  3. Reluctance to run and play as normal.

  4. canine-arthritisDifficulty maneuvering steps and stairs.

  5. Stiff or unusual gait. 

  6. Sore or swollen joints.

  7. Changes in the dog’s posture.

  8. Exhibiting pain while being pet or stroked on the back.

  9. Yelps or whines while moving neck.

  10. Finds certain positions painful.

  11. Slowness during colder weather.

  12. Unusual tiredness after walks or play.

  13. Unusual licking or biting particular areas such as the leg or joints. 

  14. Irritability when being approached or handled.

  15. Muscle atrophy, or sudden loss of muscle mass due to inactivity.

Managing Arthritis in Dogs

Of course we all want to make life as easy and comfortable as possible for our furry family members, especially if they are suffering from anything as painful and debilitating as arthritis can be. Here are a few key ways to help your dog feel great and manage those tricky situations that can cause unnecessary pain:

  1. Talk to the vet about possible supplements, medications and painkillers, as well as changes to diet.

  2. Have shorter play sessions.

  3. Limit play to gentle activities.

  4. Provide a soft, warm sleeping area.

  5. Provide and elevated eating and watering dish.

  6. Use portable ramps and other aids to help the pet get into the car, on the bed, or upstairs. 

  7. Provide good nail and foot care to help make moving as easy, comfortable, and safe as possible.

  8. Schedule regular mobile grooming to help the dog manage tasks that are now difficult and painful for them.

groomer-helping-arthritis-in-dogIf your dog has arthritis, professional dog grooming becomes more important to your dog’s health than ever. Not only does it become very difficult for your dog to care for themselves, but the specialized tools and practices of a professional groomer make tolerating a bath so much more comfortable for your pet. At Awesome Doggies, we care for San Diego pets with a wide range of special needs, including those suffering from arthritis. We take great care in making sure every element of the process is just right, from the temperature of the water to the types of brushes used to minimize pulling on tender joints. The best part is, with our mobile pet grooming service comes to YOU, so your pet does not have to endure the additional discomfort and stress of a car ride! Contact us today to schedule a mobile grooming appointment for your pal!

For more information on canine arthritis:

Arthritis l ASPCA

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