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Puppy's First Groom

Posted by Awesome Doggies

When Should Puppies Get Their First Groom?

Puppy-in-need-of-groomingAdding a puppy to the family is a fun time, but it's also a time that involves providing lots of extra care. From housebreaking to vet visits, there is so much to consider. Training begins from the start, and that makes introducing your puppy to regular care such as grooming, early, very important.

If you have a puppy that will need grooming, especially a breed with a long coat, introducing them to the grooming process early is key to future grooming success. But just how early should you start?


Puppy Grooming Prep

Getting your puppy ready for their first grooming should begin at home, as early as you start handling your pet. Even while small, you can help your puppy expect and accept grooming as part of their normal routine-- even before that first visit! Help introduce them to grooming early by simulating the process.


  • Tap each paw (very gently) with a metal spoon.

  • Handle each paw - hold the paw firmly in the hand, massaging the pads.

  • Introduce them to the sound of your hair dryer.

  • Let the air (on Cold) ruffle their fur while holding the hair dryer at a distance.

  • Let the puppy stand on a raised surface (like the top of your washing machine or dryer)

  • Play with their ears, legs, and tail so that they get used to having these areas touched.

Their First Appointment With A Pet Groomer


Once your puppy has had a full set of shots, which is typically around 16 weeks of age, is a good time to schedule a first appointment with a professional pet groomer. Be sure to have a conversation with them to set priorities, and let them know this will be your puppy's first groom. The priority for both of you should be to make sure your pup's first experience is a fun, enjoyable one. This will set your pup up for a lifetime of happy grooming visits, and is much more important than getting the haircut just right. That can come later, as your dog gets used to the process and what is expected of her. If your dog has a long, thick or curly coat, be sure to keep up with grooming regularly, and conduct frequent training sessions between appointments, rewarding them for their good behavior.

Whether  you intend to groom your dog yourself or call in a  mobile dog grooming service like Awesome Doggies, there is no reason the grooming process should have to be an ordeal. With proper training and positive reinforcement, your new pup will come to enjoy the process -- and so will you!

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