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Profiles of Heroic Pets

Posted by Awesome Doggies

heroic-petAs far as we are concerned, we have the best job in the world. We get to know pet owners and their pets all over San Diego, and hear all of the ways that their fur family adds to their lives. Believe us when we say that we believe all pets are pretty heroic, and totally get an Awesome Doggie high five.

Given the opportunity, we believe pets go beyond the call of duty to protect their loved ones. Here are some pets that have totally rocked the super hero cape.

Cindy the Cat

They say there is no love like a mother’s love and that is certainly true of Cindy the cat. In June of 2012, Cindy the cat was found abandoned along with her newborn kittens. Though Cindy was injured from a BB bullet still lodged in her head, Cindy would not be moved from her kittens. Cindy and her litter were adopted from an animal center in Santa Fe, California.

Click the link to find out more about Cindy:

Mother Cat Takes Bullet For Her Kittens, Saves Her Litter l Huffington Post

Willie the Parrot

If not for Willie the Quaker parrot, 2-year-old Hannah Kuusk would have choked to death in 2009 while her babysitter was in the bathroom. The parrot started screaming and making noise like never before and yelling “mama baby” over and over. Hanna’s babysitter ran to the child performed the Heimlich, dislodging the object.The bird was later presented with the local red Cross chapter’s Animal Lifesaver Award.

Willie's story and more stories about heroic pets who have saved lives bellow:

7 Heroic Pets that Saved Lives l Mother Nature Network

Shanna the Wolf/German Shepherd


Back in 2006, Eve and Norman Fertig found themselves trapped by a storm in an outbuilding on their large property, and animal sanctuary, in upstate New York. It was 7 pm, and the couple, both 81, were trapped by fallen trees and snow, and without heat. The massive storm prevented them from getting to their home 200 feet away.

The couple believed they would die.

Then Shanna, whom they call the most heroic dog in the world, dug a tunnel from the house to her owners, a job that took from 7 pm to 11:30 pm. Then the dog pulled Eve over her back and Norman grabbed Eve’s legs and the dog carried and pulled them to safety arriving at the house at 2 am.

Check out this article for more about Shanna's story:

Half-Breed Wolf Dog Hero Rescues Elderly Owners From Snowstorm l FOX News

Lucky the Pig

In June of 2014, a family in Mt. Carmel, Illinois escaped injury and perhaps death thanks to their pet pig, Lucky. Lucky started running, jumping, and squealing in a way he had never done before, alerting family to a problem. When the sleeping family got out of bed they found the room and home engulfed in smoke and flame. Thanks to Lucky, everyone is safe and sound.

Pet heroics never surprise us here at Awesome Doggies. We know that pets are capable of some seriously incredible stuff, on every level. We’ve heard your stories and we agree, your pets are pure AWESOME!

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