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Professional Cat Grooming FAQs

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Why should my cat be professionally groomed?

cat-grooming-itselfCats seem to groom themselves 24/7, so why would they need a professional grooming? The number one reason is that Mother Nature never intended for cats to have long hair. So if you've got a long haired kitty, they're going to need some help keeping up with their personal grooming. But even “regular” short haired cats benefit from professional attention from time to time. Although cats are extremely clean by nature, professional grooming is still important for their health. In addition to keeping the cat clean and free of matting, professional groomers also help spot coat and skin irregularities that can alert you to potential health problems. Professional cat grooming is also beneficial for you. Getting your cat professionally groomed helps reduce the amount of allergens, reduces hairballs, and reduces shedding. Who wouldn't say yes to all that?

Do cats hate professional grooming?


While it may not be their favorite thing to do, most cats tolerate grooming pretty darn well. Most cats hate car rides much worse than the actual bath, so when a mobile groomer comes to you, that takes a whole lot of stress out of your cat's world. And when they aren't wound up (or shut down!) from a car ride, we get to start with a happy kitty rather than a miserable one. This leaves your kitty much more open to having a good experience. And while we don't have too many kitties that actively choose to jump into the suds (unlike their canine counterparts), the bath itself usually isn't a big deal. Some cats cats absolutely despise being blow dried, so we always monitor their response closely, and stop immediately if it seems to be stressing them in any way. A towel dry (i.e. still damp) kitty is much better than a dry kitty filled with murderous intent. And discretion is the better part of valor, right?

Can I groom a cat by myself at home?

cat-dreading-groomingSure you can. See our previous posts about how to bathe a cat. The difference between a home bath and professional grooming is primarily technique and equipment, which often translates to better results than you can get as a do-it-yourselfer. Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Salons are specifically equipped to accommodate cats, and the groomers are all trained in techniques that help make the grooming process pleasant. When you're no longer willing or able to wrestle kitty in the bathtub or sink (or you run out of band-aids), call us, and we'll send a professional.

Does it hurt your cat to be groomed?

It shouldn't. But if your cat has mats or tangles in their coat, or you have an elderly kitty with fragile skin, much caution is advised. Especially if you are not trained in the many special grooming techniques associated with cats, you may cause considerable discomfort while grooming your cat yourself, and the use of a professional is advised. Even something as simple as using the wrong products can cause serious problems (use only products labelled for use with cats). Professional cat grooming does not have to be uncomfortable at all and can even become an enjoyable process for your cat. Keeping your cat well maintained through regular grooming will help avoid painful matting, skin problems, and ingrown nails among many other serious issues.

Are any cats impossible to groom?

 cat-enjoying-professional-groomingMost cats (even those who have been banned from groom shops) can be groomed successfully using a mobile grooming service. Eliminating the trauma of car transportation means your kitty is calm when the grooming starts, rather than being stirred up and stressed by a car ride. Also, mobile grooming is a one-on-one experience, so the stress of being surrounded by strange barking dogs and other animals they don't know is also eliminated. The peaceful, secluded environment of a mobile salon is tremendously helpful to your cat, and a huge relief for everyone if grooming has been a battle in the past. Even seriously apprehensive, combative cats usually stay calm and tolerate the procedure. There are a very few cats that can not be safely handled in a mobile grooming environment, and for these we recommend a trip to the vet, where they can be sedated during the procedure.

Another question is whether or not every coat is in recoverable condition. In some cases, fur becomes so matted that to detangle it is impossible. In these cases, the only humane thing to do is shave off the matted coat, let the skin recover, and allow the coat to grow back in (while keeping up with regular grooming so the condition does not reoccur).

Opting for professional cat grooming is always a great option. Not only does it help you cat stay happy and healthy, it helps you, too! To schedule your mobile cat grooming, call Awesome Doggies today! (858) 633-3641.

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