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Primp Your Pooch: How to get that Designer Dog Look

Posted by Awesome Doggies

designer-dog-fashionSouthern California is life at its best. Sun, water, and being casually glamorous — we love it all. Life here is all about looking and feeling your best, and that philosophy extends to our pets. Pets today are included in our culture and it’s not unusual to see them with their owners out shopping, dining, or even at work! It is no wonder then that a “designer dog” culture has developed in the San Diego area and made it even more fun to incorporate our pups into our daily lives.

What is a Designer Dog?

So when you hear the term “designer dog” you might think of some expensive or rare breed, but you’d be wrong. Technically, a designer dog is a cross between two different “pure” breeds for a specific purpose. Designer hybrids of this type tend to have fun names like “Golden doodle” and “Malti-poo” which reveal your pooch's parental gene pool. But with so many possibilities of which breeds are being crossed with which (I saw a chart not too long about showing over 40 “designer” mixes), popular culture has expanded that definition of “Designer dog” to include any dog that rocks the wag and the swag.

The beauty of the culture is that any dog can be a designer dog and the more unique the better! That means “mutts” and rescue dogs can all get in on this one! A designer dog is one that is obviously well loved, a partner in crime, and well coiffed at all times. We have it from some very reliable sources that cool collars and bejeweled leashes don’t hurt either.

designer-dogGetting the Designer Dog Look

  1. Get your dog professionally groomed regularly. The designer dog culture is all about the proper cut and coif.

  2. Brush your dog before going out. That freshly brushed, fluffy look is important in the designer dog culture.

  3. Use toe nail polish. Even if you aren't up for color, a nice clear coat can make the toe nails look fresh and healthy. 

  4. Accessorize. Oh, yeah. It is ALL about the accessories. There are tons of fun pet accessories on the market, so express yourself or your dog’s unique personality with special clothes, collars, leashes, harnesses and more. 

  5. Use dog perfume or cologne. If your dog is not sensitive or allergic, try some doggie perfume to extend that “just groomed” smell.


Get OUT and Strut!

You can’t have a designer look and not show it off. Head on over to some of the pet friendly places in San Diego and let your dog strut its stuff! They are awesome, and we know it. Contact us and send us some pictures of your dog rocking the San Diego scene. We’d love to see!

Click the links bellow for more information on designer dog fashion, and watch Animal Planet's video on designer dog breeds!

Fall Fashion Trends 2014:Yes, for Dogs! l Pet Fashion Professionals

Designer Dog Fashion l TrendHunter Magazine

Dogs 101 - Designer Dogs l Animal Planet (WARNING: Loud video, please lower your phone/computer's volume before viewing)

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