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10 Great Gifts for Your Dog's Stocking This Year

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoFor some families, every single family member gets a stocking stuffed to the brim with treats and toys and we see no reason why your furriest family member should be left out of the fun. In case your pet didn't get what they wanted for Christmas, here are some ideas for treating them.

1) Rawhide Candy Canes

Almost everyone, child or adult, loves the abundance of candy canes over the holiday season. You can almost always get a few from teachers at school and from various sources at work where people have simply left them in piles or arranged neatly in clean coffee mugs for anyone to take one. While dogs can eat peppermint, they don't tend to go for nearly pure sugar candy but they do need to keep those choppers clean and busy! Instead of candy, stuff your dog's stocking with red and white twisted rawhide candy canes instead!

2) A Shiny New 2-Mode Brush

If you brush our dog as often as you should (once a day to once a week), your old dog brush is probably looking pretty worn and a lot of owners don't even have the wire brush which helps clear out loose shed but not yet dropped fur. This year, get your dog something nice with a shiny new double-brush with the wire tines on one side and the soft bristles on the other.

3) Doggy Massage Glove

Let's face it, dogs generally want to be pet for several more hours each day than anyone has the time or stamina for and the thing they really love is steady scritches. If you enjoy sitting with your dog and casually petting them for hours, no doubt the two of you have had many fun times together but eventually your fingers get tired of the scritching. With a soft but ridgy massage glove, you can keep on scritching to the delight of your furry friend for much longer and give your scritching fingers a rest.

4) Jingly Holiday Tennis Balls

While our primary focus is on keeping your dog well-groomed, who can resist a pair of holiday-decorated tennis balls with sleigh bells inside? Not your dog, that's for sure. Never have to work for your dog's attention when playing outside again. Simply shake one of these bouncy holiday treats and let the game of Fetch begin!

5) Sharp New Nail Clippers

Nail clipping isn't any dog's idea of a favorite pastime but some clippings can be a lot better than others. Like all nail-care items, doggy nail clippers eventually get dull, making the task unnecessarily difficult. With sharp new nail clippers, you should be able to take care of this task far more quickly and easily.

6) A Zippy Mini Drone

Dogs love to chase things, especially strange little things that can land on their noses. If you secretly wanted a mini-drone and need an excuse, get one for your dog! While you play the pilot, your pooch can happily chase this inexpensive little quad-copter around the house and yard.

7) Himalayan Cheese Dental Chews

There are a lot of different kinds of dental chews and by far one of the most natural are made of hard traditional Himalayan cheese, which was originally a travel snack of the mountain-dwelling people. Delicious, porous, and rock-hard, your dog will spend happy hours of cheesy flavored fun cleaning their teeth.

8) Peppermint Dog-Breath Treats

The one downside of cheesy dental chews? No minty doggy breath afterward but that's no problem! If you like dog kisses but don't like the actual smell of your dog's mouth, they can get their share of peppermint treats this year right along with you and the kids. Peppermint-flavored dog treats can be a fun way to play 'catch' this holiday season and improve your dog's breath.

9) Sturdy Stuffed Toy

Dogs go through toys, some faster than others but eventually what was once a stuffed duck becomes a nearly inside-out pile of stuffing. The holidays are a perfect time to gift your dog with a new stuffed toy, destined to become a long-time favorite and then doomed to eventual stuffing destruction. But for now your doggy is incredibly cute with their new reindeer friend.

10) A Doggy Spa Appointment

Finally, don't forget that dogs still need baths in the winter and that bath can be as relaxing and fun as a day at the spa. With mobile grooming service all through the San Diego area, you don't have to take your dog for a holiday bath, we'll come to you! Whether you get them a bath before family comes to visit or after the excitement is up to you. For more great ways to pamper your pooch or to schedule a mobile grooming appointment, contact us today!

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Dog Loves Grooming Day

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoGrooming day is a special day for any dog. They get to spend time with their groomer friends, meet other dogs, and enjoy a little doggie spa treatment. Each dog has its own very good reasons to need grooming: indoor dogs often need to have their nails trimmed regularly because they don't get worn down running around on outdoor pavement, while outdoor dogs get all sorts of dirt and particles in their fur that need to be washed out frequently. Mobile grooming is great for you and your dog because it's close to home so there's no need for kennels, cages, or car trips. However, not all dogs are immediately comfortable with grooming time. The key to a fun grooming day for everyone is to let your dog know how wonderful the day is, they will follow your lead.

Make Grooming a Routine

The number one way to make sure your dog understands that grooming is a good, fun thing and not a bad, scary thing is to make it regular. Dogs remember good things that have happened before, and a consistent positive reinforcement is always rewarded with enthusiasm. You may have noticed, for instance, that your dog responds happily to every-day great dog things in your home, like the messiest eater heading toward the kitchen, or any human holding their favorite ball. Once your dog has learned to recognize the mobile grooming salon as a fun and rewarding place, grooming time can be met with the same joy because they've been through it many times before.

Start with Bribery

We all love treats, but dogs never get tired of them. A baggie of treats, especially a recognized method of treat dispensing, is sure to get your pet's full attention. This simple mechanic of the dog mind can be turned into a great distraction tool. Anything that makes your dog unhappy or nervous can be quickly forgotten in the face of being a very good doggie who gets a treat. This can be especially important if your dog isn't sure about a mobile grooming experience. Be ready to distract your dog from their nerves at any moment by captivating their attention with chances for a treat, and reward them for not barking or trying to run away.

Introduce the Groomer

Dogs are generally friendly and great with strangers, but when they're already nervous, strangers can be an additional upset. Fortunately, the dog threshold for who is and is not a stranger is pretty low. Ask your friendly mobile groomer to take some time with you and your dog before the appointment for an official introduction. When you've gotten past the hand-sniffing, approval, and friendly ear scritching phases, they will have a new familiar smelling ally who they will happily recognize the next time mobile grooming comes to your home.

Soapy Snuggles

If your dog is still nervous after treats and introductions, you can ask the groomer whether it's better to stay in the grooming salon during the first bath or stay out of sight in the comfort of your home. Or maybe you split the difference and stand a distance away and just peek through the window to reassure yourself that all is ok. Lots of times we find that the nervous pup calms right down, as soon as mom is out of sight. Kinda like your kids behave better for strangers than they do for you, right? But remember if you choose to stay around for the grooming, that dog washing can be a messy business. Even if you only plan to be present for moral support, prepare to get soaked anyway.

Spend the Day Together

Having gotten all the way through the grooming, your dog is washed, trimmed, soft-furred and good-smelling. When they are this clean is a good time to cuddle, but your dog is probably ready to run around in the yard rolling in every everything they can find in order to regain their usual dog-like aroma and texture. While you may not be down for the rolling, you can reward them for good behavior by spending the day together. Taking them to the park or just throwing the ball around for an hour or two will help reinforce how wonderful grooming day is and make the next bath that much more enjoyable.

Turn grooming day into a special holiday just for you and your best furry friend. Whether they're unstoppably outgoing or nervously shy, grooming can be a fun and rewarding experience for any dog who knows what to expect, and that you love them even during bath time. For more great advice on keeping your dog happy about grooming, contact us today!

4 Care Tips for Dogs With Sensitive Skin

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Just like people, some pets are prone to sensitive skin and other skin conditions that may cause dryness, irritation, and other problems. Fortunately, these issues don't have to plague you and your puppy friend for very long. There are plenty of ways to make sure that your dog's sensitive skin doesn't lead to itchiness and other pesky irritants. So in this post, the expert dog groomers are here to share with you four care tips you can try if your dog has sensitive skin. mobile-dog-grooming-san-diego
  1. Check Their Food For Grains: By now you have heard about the issues gluten can cause for some people. It turns out dogs can be similarly effected by pet food that contains grains. Grains are a common culprit behind dry, itchy skin for many dogs so if you have recently noticed your dog irritated by their itchy skin, check the ingredients in their food. Try switching to another pet food product that doesn't contain grains and see how they act. If they seem calmer and less irritated by their skin, you'll know to permanently switch your pup to a grain-free diet.
  2. Spruce Up Their Diet: Grains aside, there are other ways in which a dog's diet can affect their skin. For example, if a dog is put on the same diet for months or years, it could lead to skin problems in the future. When a dog is fed only one thing for a long period of time, it means they are probably not getting all of the nutrients they need that usually can only be achieved by a varied diet. If you notice that on top of itchy, dry, irritated skin, your dog's coat starts to lack a certain glow and luster (or that it has become completely dry and coarse), try switching up the foods that they get in their diet. With variety in food, it will be easier for your dog to maintain healthy skin and a glossier coat. 
  3. Start Using Different Grooming Products: Sensitive skin can often be caused by shampoo and conditioning products that merely aggravate your dog's skin. If you notice that after bathing your pup they seem particularly irritable or their skin looks inflamed, make sure not to use those products again. It isn't always easy finding grooming products that you know will work for your dog; all dog's have different types of skin and will react differently to various products. The best things to do would be to consult with a dog grooming professional. They will be able to provide you with the expert information you need in order to find the right shampoo and conditioner for your dog. A professional groomer will also be able to provide recommendations on remedies to treat your dog's skin.
  4. Let The Pros Help Your Pup: If your dog has sensitive skin and everything you've tried doesn't seem to work, you have a few different options. If you believe the sensitive skin is chronic and caused by something more serious, don't hesitate in taking your dog to the vet. If you think it could be something as simple as irritating shampoo and grooming products, take a trip to a professional grooming salon. A professional grooming appointment might be exactly what your dog needs to soothe their sensitive skin and get the right products to keep their skin healthy and smooth. 

Are you in need of additional information related to pet care tips for dogs with sensitive skin? Feel free to contact us today with any questions or concerns you might have. Don't forget to keep reading our other blog posts for more free resources!

3 Things You Should Expect from a Mobile Dog Grooming Salon

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoAre you considering a mobile dog grooming salon instead of taking your pup in to a groomshop yourself? There are many reasons why mobile grooming is a great idea! You'll save time, energy, and the hassle of driving your dog to and from the groomers. With a mobile dog grooming salon, the professional groomers will come straight to your house. If you have never worked with a mobile dog grooming salon, it is understandable that you may have some questions about what it is and how it works. In this post, we will go over three key things that you should expect from a mobile groomer before hiring them. 

  1. The Right Equipment: As someone who isn't a pet grooming professional, it is understandable that you probably wouldn't know about all of the various kinds of tools and products that should be used for grooming purposes. However, there are a few key things you can know about and should look for before choosing a groomer. The most obvious piece of equipment that a mobile groomer needs is some sort of specially equipped vehicle such as a large van or a trailer. That vehicle will be equipped with things like a bathtub, grooming table, blowdryer, clippers, special lighting, and all kinds of grooming tools and supplies like shampoos and conditioners for a variety of skin and fur types, trimmers, scissors, and products to clean dogggie ears.  
  2. A Professional And Inviting Appearance: If you are like most dog moms and dads, you wouldn't want to allow your pup handled by a business that is less than professional. The right mobile dog salons dress in uniforms suited to their task, and understand the importance of maintaining their salon with a professional, eye-catching, and inviting appearance. After all, would you trust a dentist to work on your teeth if they wore a tshirt, worked out of their garage, or had shabby looking equipment? Professional groomers should look and behave in a professional manner -- and of course do a terrific job.
  3. The Right Services (And The Right Prices): It is a good idea to keep in mind that when mobile dog grooming salons set their prices, they are accounting for *all* the expenses of being able to safely and responsibly provide your pet's care. They aren't just pricing a particular service based on the service itself; they also take into consideration overhead costs such as gasoline, electricity, vehicle maintenance, and insurance, as well as the amount of time they spend driving from appointment to appointment. Mobile groomers cost more than a similar service provided at a traditional groom shop. Most appointments take about an hour and cost in the range of $80-$100. Think of it this way: what other professional tradesperson (plumber, locksmith, repairman, masseur) can you hire for a service call at your home, for less than $100? 

Looking for more information related to mobile dog grooming salons and other professional pet grooming services? Please don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions that you might have! Don't forget to keep reading our blog posts for more free resources and visit our official website to view our extensive list of services.

5 Kinds of Special Spa Treatments You Probably Didn't Know Your Dog Could Get

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoThink "special spa treatments" are only for humans? Think again! While unique, luxurious spa treatments generally tend to be more available to people instead of pets, there is a good number of pet grooming salons that offer special treatments for special situations. If you are curious about what types of treatments are offered, you have come to the right place! In this post, we will introduce you two five special treatments your dog will love. 
  1. Treatment For Cracked Paw Pads: Are you familiar with dry, cracked hands that many people get during the cold winter season that only seem to be properly remedied with copious amounts of soothing hand lotion? Dogs are susceptible to the same problem! If when inspecting your pup's paw pads you find that they are dry, cracked, or both, it is a good idea to take care of that before it becomes a bigger and more painful issue. During your next visit with the dog groomer, ask the grooming professionals about treatment options for dry, cracked paw pads so that your dog's paws will no longer give them any pain or trouble.
  2. Mineral Mud Bath: A mineral mud bath sounds so decadent we wouldn't be surprised if dog moms and dads get a little envious seeing their furry pup enjoy this treat! A mineral mud bath is the perfect spa treatment for every dog from the young puppy to the older "senior citizen" dog who needs some tender love and care for their coat. This type of luxurious, nutrient-rich bath offers multiple benefits including soothing effects for achy joints, a matted coated, or poor skin. After a few or even just one mineral mud bath, you'll see a noticeable difference in your dog's happiness levels and their health.
  3. Skunk Treatment: If your lovably curious pup has recently had an encounter with a stinky skunk (aka, they got sprayed by one), there's no need for you to try to get the smell out of your dog's coat on your own. After all, many dog moms and dads find that it takes multiple baths to get the smell out of their dog and even that might not be enough. But if you take your skunked pup straight to the professional groomers, they can effectively get the smell out the first time with the right products and bathing strategy. 
  4. A De-Shedding Treatment: There is no denying that pet owners love their dogs, but they love their shedding a bit less. Whether it is that time of year when dogs are more prone to shedding or your dog sheds a bit more than other dogs because of the breed they are, consider an appointment with the professional groomers for a de-shedding treatment. Depending on the level of your dog's shedding you might need a few sessions or just one. Whatever the case is, after a thorough de-shedding appointment, you will notice less dog hair on your sofa, on your clothes, and everywhere else in your home. 
  5. A Moisturizing Wrap: This is the perfect solution for the pup with itchy, irritated skin. Sometimes all that is needed is a deep, intense moisturizing of the skin. Find a grooming salon that offers moisturizing wraps for dogs with sensitive skin. Your dog will thank you for it!

Looking for more information on the different kinds of special spa treatments available to dogs and other pets? Please don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions that you might have. You can also keep reading our other blog posts for more free resources or visit our official website to view our extensive list of services.

How to Prepare for Your Pup's First Trip to The Groomers

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoSo your beloved puppy is ready for grooming for the very first time in her life? That's great news! Gifting your fur baby with a professional pampering session provides benefits for both them and you. However, if you have never had your dog professionally groomed before, you understandably might not be sure about what to expect. In this post, we will guide you through everything you need to know about preparing for your pup's grooming session

  1. The Initial Conversation: When calling to schedule a time for your grooming visit, we'll need talk about the specific needs of your pet and what you can expect. Generally speaking the emphasis for the first grooming experience should be much more about making sure the pup has a good time, rather than about getting the perfect haircut. Pups have to learn how to behave when being groomed just like they have to learn everything else, and we want them to associate grooming with a lovely spa day. During this initial conversation, you should mention if there are any special concerns or things the groomers should know about your pup (such as allergies, anxiety, or other sensitivities). After getting the details together and going over a general itinerary, the grooming pros will be able to give you a price quote so you know how much everything costs before going in.
  2. The First Meeting: As you are talking out the basic details, your professional groomer will be observing and getting to know your pup. This little 'get acquainted' period is important to establish a comfort level. Expect your groomer to introduce themselves to you and your fur baby and spend a couple of minutes 'making friends' before grooming them. After all, no dog cares to be manhandled by a complete stranger. Dogs want to get to know a person and make sure they are OK before they agree to being groomed by them. It is also important for your pup to see the way their human mom or dad interacts with the new stranger who is going to groom them. If mom or dad is OK with this person, the pup will have an much better chance of being compatible with them too. This first meeting is also a good time to go over any final questions and confirm the price quote. 
  3. Grooming Time: After discussing details and making proper introductions, your pup will experience their first luxurious grooming session. The majority of grooming appointments take about 60 to 90 minutes, so should plan on that amount of time. When the groom is complete, be available to spend a few extra minutes with your groomer looking over your pup and making sure everything meets your expectations. The most professional groomers understand how important it is to make sure pets and their owners are completely satisfied with the results. This is also a good time to learn about how your pup behaved during the grooming session. Were there certain things they didn't like or that made them skittish? Or did they absolutely love the attention they got from a good brushing? After the final conversation, you can discuss your options with the groomers about setting up a regular schedule for your pup.

Looking for more helpful information related to professional grooming, or need to schedule an appointment for your fur baby? Feel free to contact us today with any questions you have!

Maintaining Your Puppy's Pearly Whites

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Your dog is a wonderful companion. They are always there when you need them, especially when it's time for snacks. Cooking and eating with your dog is an act of bonding, as they are forever ready to help you with tidbits, spills, and those delicious gristly bits of meat you don't care for. You never have to worry about mopping up a little slopped sauce and there's always someone available to lick the bowl when you're done. Even when you're not sharing people food, you make sure your dog eats their fill of healthy natural dog food and their fair share of treats for good behavior and a willingness to perform your favorite tricks.

In fact, a lot of your dog's favorite activities involve eating, but how often do you brush their teeth? You brush your own teeth at least once a day but imagine the silliness of a dog trying to hold a toothbrush. While it's true that a dog's teeth are quite sturdy, their gums can take significant damage from tartar build up and the last thing you want to see is dental discomfort from your food loving companion. You can do your dog a huge favor simply by brushing out the built-up tartar and massaging their gums about once a week, with delicious dentally beneficial chew snacks in between.

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

The way you brush your dog's teeth will depend a lot on your preferences and theirs. Some dogs are not at all comfortable with your fingers in their mouth and some couldn't care less. For brushing utensils, you can choose from a custom dog toothbrush, a soft children's toothbrush, a bit of gauze wrapped around your finger or a rubber finger-tip toothbrush.

For toothpaste, first and foremost never use human toothpaste. Your dog doesn't know not to swallow it and there are often a few extra ingredients like Xylitol that are bad for dogs. You can buy special dog-formula toothpaste, make your own with baking soda, salt, and water, or use a little virgin coconut oil which is antibacterial, antiviral, and dogs find it tasty.

Start by introducing your dog to the toothpaste by letting them lick a little off your finger, then apply to your tool of choice and gently massage their teeth and gums, trying to get all angles and down into the gums to clear tartar. Be patient with your dog if they fidget, this is as weird for them as it is for you, even if it's the best thing for them.

Natural Dental Chews

Tooth brushing or no, dental chews are still a great way to keep your dog's teeth at least moderately clean, but be careful which ones you choose. Commercial treats like Greenies contain inorganic materials that don't dissolve in the intestines which have caused dangerous problems for enough pets to warrant caution. Instead, vets recommend frozen marrow bones or deer antlers, which are naturally great for your dog's teeth and don't splinter like normal bones.

If your dog will eat raw vegetables (some do), whole carrots, celery, and apple slices are as good for their teeth as they are for yours. You can also pick up a few non-consumable dental toys from the pet store.

If you want to be enjoying steak and other treats with your dog well into their old age, it's important to start taking care of their teeth today. The occasional tooth brushing and a lot of tough, fibrous treats are the perfect way to keep those gums and pearly whites healthy for many years in the future. For more awesome tips on how to take the best possible care of your furry friends, contact us today!

Mobile Dog Grooming in Preparation for the Holidays

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoThe holiday season is just around the corner, and that means it's time to start preparing for all of the festivities. Obviously, you will want to start shopping for gifts and searching for new recipes, but there are other small tasks that are an equally important part of your preparation. Unfortunately, these smaller tasks often get overlooked in the chaos that the typical holiday activities bring on.

For instance, one of the most important holiday prep tasks is grooming your dog. Don't believe this task deserves a place on your holiday to-do list? Check out these 5 reasons to have your dog cleaned before the holiday madness begins.

Have a Handsome Pet

During the holidays, the number of parties and events we attend increases dramatically. Although your pup won't always be invited to come along, there is a good chance they will get out and about on occasion. Additionally, there will likely be an increase in the number of visitors you receive. Considering your furry friend will probably be seeing more people, you will want them look their very best. Fortunately, a quick grooming session can ensure they look fantastic. 

Keep Your Home Smelling Great

An increase in visitors means an increase in traffic through your home. Often, our pets leave an odor behind that we become accustomed to and don't even recognize. By having your pet thoroughly cleaned before the holidays arrive, you can wipe out any unwanted, but unnoticed smells before the guests begin to arrive. 

Reduce Vacuuming

Besides smells, dogs of all shapes and sizes also leave behind fur. Some leave behind more fur than others, and while this isn't a typical problem on any ordinary day, you certainly don't want your furniture and floors covered in dog fur when family comes to visit for your holiday celebration. Having your dog groomed just before the event will help reduce the amount of shedding they do, meaning you will have much less to vacuum up on the day of your party. 

Avoid Allergic Reactions

Dog hair on the furniture isn't just unsightly, it can also cause allergy problems for some people. If you have guests coming who happen to suffer from allergies, you will want to make absolutely sure your home won't trigger an allergic reaction. A grooming session a few days before the event along with plenty of cleaning can really help with this. Keeping your doggy friend in the other room is also a good idea in these situations.


Ease into Interactions

If your dog is not accustomed to having visitors, he or she may feel nervous about having strangers in their home. You can reduce this anxiety by easing the into the idea of having people over and giving the pup opportunities to interact with people outside of your immediate family.

One of the best ways to do this is by scheduling a grooming session in your home. Not only does this make the whole grooming process easier on you, it can also help your pet feel more comfortable as they will be on their own turf. Finally, the positive interaction with a stranger is ideal for prepping your furry friend for the holiday visitors. 

Ready to schedule your pre-holiday grooming session? Please contact us at Awesome Doggies today! We would be happy to care for your dog, and will even visit your home in order to make it that much easier to get through your holiday to-do list. However, you will want to be sure to schedule soon. Our holiday grooming slots book up fast, and as you can see, this is one task you definitely don't want to skip.

Dog Grooming Questions: Asked and Answered

Posted by Awesome Doggies

mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoOwning a dog is one of the greatest treasures in life, but simply buying or adopting a pup doesn't automatically make you an expert on dog care. There are still several questions most dog owners ask themselves months after adding their four-legged friend to their family. Grooming questions are extremely common, and because these questions sometimes go unanswered dogs don't always get the proper grooming care they deserve. If you're a dog owner and you have questions about your dog's grooming needs or grooming procedures, take a look at the list below for answers and helpful advice. 

Should I Bathe my Dog Between Grooming Appointments? 

Bathing your dog between grooming appointments isn't necessary if you schedule regular visits. If you wait a longish while between grooming sessions, though, then you might want to bathe your dog at home. Our best tip? We recommend brushing your dog before putting him in the tub -- this helps prevent the mats and knots in your dog's fur from getting that much tighter. When brushing be careful to brush every layer of your dog's fur, not just the top coat. The lower layers are where knots start, so it's important not to skip these areas. Don't brush too hard, though, or you'll give your dog brush burn. Also, while bathing, make sure that water and shampoo stay out of your dog's eyes and ears.  Nothing to it!

How Old Should a Dog be Before They Get Groomed?

Pups under three months of age are best groomed at home. Once they've had all their vaccinations, that's when we recommend their first visit with a professional groomer. The first appointment should ideally be all about finding out how much fun a grooming session can be, and not about how cute your pup can look. Too many pups have a scary experience the first time in the grooming salon - after all there is a lot going on they have to get used to.  If you keep your priority on helping them adjust to the process and people, that will prevent a lot of unwanted stress later on down the road. Let the groomers hold your pup and talk to him as they introduce your dog to the noises and vibrations that accompany the grooming process. Try a quick, gentle bath. As time goes on you can introduce your dog to the more advanced aspects of grooming, such as nail filing and cleaning the ears. By the time your dog needs a full-service grooming appointment he'll be completely used to the process. This will make the process much easier on you and especially on him. Not to mention your groomers. 

Why is Removing my Dog's Hair Mats so Important? 

When your dog's fur becomes matted it does more than just look messy. It causes your dog discomfort and eventually pain. Ouch! Imagine your hair being pulled up and sideways at the same time, constantly. The longer your dog's fur stays matted the worse the problem gets. It's important to schedule an appointment to remove hair mats sooner rather than later so your dog isn't walking around in constant pain. Between visits, try to prevent your dog's fur from becoming matted by brushing your dog frequently, and making more frequent appointments if necessary. We can also clip a long coat shorter, which will make it much easier to maintain, requiring much less brushing. Dogs with long or thick hair are especially susceptible to matting and should be taken to the groomers more often than others. 

My Dog Doesn't Have Fleas, so Why is He Scratching? 

A vet visit may be in order - itching happens for many reasons, and can be hard to track down. One very common reason a dog continuously scratches is dry skin. If you've ever suffered from dry, cracking skin you know that it can be extremely uncomfortable. Dry skin can be caused by many different things, such as excessive bathing (your once month grooming appointment is not the problem!), a dry climate, nutritional deficiency, or the wrong kind of shampoo. Talk to your groomer about shampoo and moisturizing suggestions. There are several good brands of dog shampoo that are designed to help repair and moisturize dry skin. Remember to never use human shampoo on your dog.


How do I Get my Dog to Stand Still While I Brush Him? 

The best way is to introduce your dog to grooming at a decently early age. The sooner they become used to the brushing process the better they'll handle it. Still, even if your dog is older, you can ease his fear and restlessness over time. Start slow. That's the best advice with anything new. Sit with your dog, pat him, and speak in a soothing tone. Once he's comfortable, begin brushing. Do a small section first, starting with the back. If your dog gets too restless, stop, and calm him down again by petting him and telling him everything's ok. Don't try to brush your dog's entire coat that day. Just try to make progress. Once you're done give your dog a treat as a reward. Try again the next day or the day after. Continue this process until your dog sits still for an entire brushing. Remember to never scold your dog during this process as it will only increase his fears and anxiety.  

There's a lot that goes into grooming, which is why getting your dog professionally groomed is always a good idea. Having a highly trained, well-prepared groomer to make your dog feel safe and comfortable during the process is important. Their knowledge of what needs to be done based on your dog's breed and age will go a long way to keep your dog looking and feeling his best. We, at Awesome Doggies, go above and beyond to make sure your dog feels safe and secure and that he's treated with loving kindness the entire time. We offer more than just standard grooming, providing services that make your dog's grooming appointment feel like a day at the spa. So, if you want a high-quality grooming experience for your pet, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend soon.

Why Your Cat Needs to Be Groomed Too!

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mobile-cat-grooming-san-diegoWhen most people think about groomers, they envision poodles with fancy haircuts. They also might think of many of the different canine breeds getting brushed, shaved, and even bathed until they sparkle. They think about dogs who often get muddy and dirty, and the ones who need a really good haircut to look decent. However, most people don’t think about grooming cats. Don't they take care of that themselves?  Actually, grooming is an essential part of good cat care! If you love your cat, their skin and coat may need your attention also.

Here are some reasons your cat needs help with grooming:

Clean ears and trim nails. Though most cats are pretty good at keeping themselves clean, they are not able to clean their ears and trim their nails. Routine ear cleanings keep the gunk from building up, and also provide an opportunity for early detection of any ear infections, allergies or other health problems that can develop quietly if you aren't monitoring closely.

If cat nails are not trimmed regularly, they can be awful sharp. Even the friendliest of cats can get you with their claws, so it is important to keep the tips trimmed. Indoor cats especially have no need for long or sharp claws.

Helps with shedding and hairballs. Cats shed, even though our climate doesn’t change much during the winter. Even though they don’t need winter coats, shedding still happens. And as cats groom themselves, they are ingesting some of that hair that is coming off. Unfortunately, this can lead them to vomit up hairballs. This habit can be quite disgusting for most owners. Maintaining good grooming and keeping the shedding under control can really cut back the amount of hairballs that get vomited up.  

Get trouble spots. Older cats, those with arthritis, as well as those who carry extra weight, often are less flexible and have trouble grooming themselves properly. This leads to oily, matted and dirty fur. These areas can get really icky and even irritated if they are not taken care of properly, which can lead to infection, fleas, and even (ick, ick, ick) maggots.

The same can be said with long-haired cats. Their hair quickly and easily tangles and mats. They often have trouble getting objects out of their hair, such as sticks and  leaves they might pick up outside as well as, um, fecal matter that may get stuck to their nether regions. These cats need routine brushing at home as well as professional grooming throughout the year to keep their coats as healthy and mat-free as possible. Your groomer can help a lot by providing a sanitary clip or a chenille clip to help keep long-haired kitty coats much easier to maintain.  

Helps with allergies. People who are allergic to cats benefit from having their pet professionally groomed. A good brushing and grooming will help to cut back of the dander, which is what you are allergic to, without exposing you to all the fur and dander that flies around during the grooming process. Regular grooming and appropriate haircuts can also help mitigate the amount of fur flying around your home.

Slows down flea infestations. Fleas can be a terrible problem. Routine grooming, along with flea prevention, will help to keep fleas at bay and out of your home. Without it, your home can quickly become overtaken with fleas, to the point where they start biting you and your family. It happens to the best of us. All it takes is one racoon or opossum waltzing through your backyard at night, dropping off a few travelers, and ZOOM they hop onto your your pet and go to town, driving both you and your pet crazy.

Though many people don’t think that cats need to be groomed, it can be quite beneficial for both of you. Most groomers clean ears and trim toenails, which are things that our cats cannot do. It also helps with their coat. Not only does it get the tangles out, it helps keep the amount of hair down in your home. If you have allergies, getting your cat groomed regularly will keep the dander down so you are both happier.

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