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Most Asked Questions About Mobile Pet Grooming

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Like everywhere else, many San Diegans lead very busy lives, and need services to help manage their workload. That’s why so many pet owners opt for mobile pet grooming. Mobile pet grooming is on the rise, yet some still have questions about how it works and if it is a good option for their pet.

If you are considering a mobile grooming service, Awesome Doggies would like to help answer any questions you might have. As a starting point, here are the most asked questions about our services.

questions-about-mobile-pet-grooming-What is mobile pet grooming?

Mobile pet grooming is a grooming service that comes to you. We roll up in our awesomely equipped mobile salon, provide a full grooming service, return your dog to your door, and take all the stress and mess with us when we go!

How often should my pet get groomed?

Ideally, you should schedule a grooming every 3-4 weeks for long hair breeds, and 4-6 for short hair breeds. But it depends on how closely you and your pet interact (do you sleep with them, for example), and other factors. Your groomer can help you work out an optimal schedule.


How long does grooming take?

How long grooming takes depends on what services you want, what needs to be done, and the length of the fur. Most appointments take about an hour, but there are some situations that run a little longer than that. Removing matting even on a small dog, or doing a full groom with haircut on a large Standard  Poodle takes much longer – as much as 2-3 hours.

What if my pet has special needs?

This is our specialty! Your pet is our main concern, and we accommodate all sorts of special needs. Give us a call so we can discuss how we can accommodate your furry friend.

What if my dog/cat hates baths?

Dogs and cats all come with individual likes and dislikes, including baths. Some love them and some…. not so much. We do our best to make the process calm and enjoyable and we’ve won over many long-time bath haters in the process.

mobile-pet-grooming-unitIs your mobile grooming unit secure and clean?

Our mobile grooming units are clean, safe, and secure. Your pet is never left alone. Take a quick tour of our mobile facility!

Do you cage or crate?

“No cages ever” is our motto. We provide kind, compassionate, one-on-one service that never involves caging or crating.

Our mobile salons are specially designed to incorporate natural light, provide a 360 degree view of his or her front door for added security, facilitate a smooth, low stress process, and build trust and confidence.  At Awesome Doggies, your pet and your satisfaction are our top priorities.

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