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Mobile Pet Grooming Tips for Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Cats are especially independent and pretty proficient at grooming themselves well enough to last between professional mobile pet grooming appointments. Sometimes however, they need a little help. This is especially true of very young or very old cats, or cats that spend a lot of time outdoors or have health issues.


If you want to clean your little fluff muffin’s ears, here are some tips for getting the job done right.

Visit the Veterinarian First

Before you begin a regular cleaning routine, visit a trusted veterinarian to get some instruction and have the cat’s ears checked. A Veterinarian can check for ear disorders, allergies, and ear mites as well as help instruct you in how to care for your cat’s ears.

Know the Parts of the Ear

Become familiar with the parts of the cat’s ear before you begin. This will help avoid causing injury.

  • The outer ear—The outer ear is known as the pinna or ear flap. This is the visible upright part of the ear
  • Ear canal—This is a small tube that leads to the eardrum. The eardrum is what vibrates to cause hearing
  • Inner ear—This is the part of the ear responsible for equilibrium and balance

Get The Supplies Together

You will want to get supplies together well ahead of time and ready in the spot you intend to do the cleaning. A smaller enclosed area is best if your cat tends to run and hide when you are trying to do anything that they find at all uncomfortable or frightening.  

You will need:

  • Veterinarian recommended ear cleaning solution
  • Cotton balls or swabs that have secure tips
  • Warm water
  • A plastic eye dropper
  • Large towel to swaddle the cat if it is disagreeable to having its ears cleaned

mobile-pet-groomerCleaning the Ears

Not every cat is agreeable to having their ears cleaned, so you will want to make the process as calm and comfortable as possible. Make sure other animals that could disturb the process are in another area and unable to get to the cat. Sit down comfortably and hold the cat in your lap, providing loving touch until the cat is calm. Swaddle the cat in a towel if necessary to protect yourself from scratches and the cat from harming itself.

  • Fold the ear back so the ear canal is accessible
  • Place solution in the cat’s ear
  • Massage the ear gently to disperse the solution
  • Allow the cat to shake its head to remove the solution
  • Wipe the remaining solution away with a cotton swap, cotton ball, or gauze

Things to Remember

  • If your cat shakes its head frequently, ears smell foul, or have small black spots or redness, take the cat to the Veterinarian for a checkup
  • A cat’s ears should also be checked if you notice unusual scratching or any liquid discharge from the ear

At Awesome Doggies, we love our feline friends, too! Feel free to contact us for more information. We love providing your fluffy family with an indulgent spa grooming that will make them beautiful, and you happy. Ear cleaning is a regular part of our Tender Loving Groom™.

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