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Mobile Pet Grooming: The Benefits for Your Sensitive Pet

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mobile-dog-grooming-san-diegoAll pets require grooming, but for some pets it's a comfortable experience, and for others it is scary and difficult. Each pet has different needs, and working within his or her comfort zone is an important part of the grooming process. Patience, time and a dedicated groomer make all the difference for your sensitive pet, and a mobile grooming salon means your pet doesn't even need to leave your neighborhood to enjoy professional grooming services.

Fear of Vehicle Travel

Pets who are fearful of car travel often shake, drool or fuss while they are in the car, and taking them anywhere becomes a stressful hassle for pet owners. When your pet is afraid of travel, let us come to you! Our comfortable, state-of-the-art mobile grooming salon parks right in front of your home for your pet’s comfort; there is no need for you or your pet to endure the difficulties of a stressful trip.

Uncomfortable with Handling?

Some pets are very uncomfortable with handling by anyone other than their own families, which makes veterinary visits and grooming appointments difficult. Our gentle, patient handling pairs comfortable grooming with praise and treats to condition your pet to enjoy spending time with us. By grooming calmly and slowly in our quiet, comfortable mobile grooming salon, your pet learns to relax and enjoy his or her time with us.

Sensitive Feet or Ears

Many pets have sensitivities when it comes to their ears or feet, and this makes the grooming process difficult for them. A calm environment, a skilled groomer and a patient approach helps these sensitive pets. When we repeatedly provide a pain and stress-free experience for your pet's grooming session, we see a process of relaxation and trust that makes grooming a more comfortable experience.

Confinement Worries

Many grooming salons have multiple pets in their shops and included cages to hold pets while they wait for their grooming session. This is an uncomfortable, stressful situation for a pet frightened by confinement, especially in a strange place. Our mobile salon comes to you, and your pet will receive our groomer's full attention with no need for cage time or confinement. Our comfortable, portable salon also has large windows so your pet looks out and remembers that this is a familiar neighborhood environment.

Close Quarters with Other Pets

Your pet won't share space with other pets when in our mobile grooming salon. This is especially scary for cats, who are often not comfortable with the barking and assertive behavior of dogs. Many dogs are uncomfortable with other dogs, and they might bark or act aggressively when in their presence. When your pet enjoys the grooming services of Awesome Doggies, getting along with other pets is not a

Gaining Comfort With the Same Groomer

For pets who are shy around people, the benefit of enjoying the same groomer for each mobile appointment means your pet makes friends with us. We love to spend time with pets who need a little extra care or some gentle petting or playtime before grooming. Our goal is to make your special pet feel comfortable with us, our mobile salon and the grooming process, and we'll do what it takes to ensure that we gain your pet's trust.

Senior or Disabled Dogs

We have a special place in our hearts for older pets or those who suffer from health issues. Our mobile grooming salon has a sturdy ramp so your pet will comfortably walk into our mobile space for his or her grooming session. We take great care with pets with special needs; let us know your concerns and your pet's unique requirements, and we will ensure that your pet receives the best possible care.

Contact Us for Mobile Grooming

To schedule a mobile grooming appointment for your sensitive pet in the San Diego area, please contact us today. We are eager to make friends with your pet and help him or her have a wonderful spa experience.

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