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Mobile Pet Grooming for Rescues

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At Awesome Doggies, there is no question that we love working with dogs and cats of all types. There are however some that steal our hearts in a special way—rescues. The relationship between a rescue and their family is something magical to watch and ultimately, it is really hard to say who rescued whom. Rescues come with tons of love, but sometimes they need a little extra understanding when it comes to grooming needs.

Extra Care and Extra Love

San Diego is a pet-friendly city, and many families choose to rescue fur family members from shelters such as the San Diego Humane Society, or other tough situations. Often, these cats and dogs have suffered abuse or neglect so they come with a host of physical and emotional needs. This can make grooming a high priority, but an especially tough job. Here are just a few of the common concerns for grooming a rescue.

  • They may never have been groomed before and find it frightening
  • Past trauma may make dealing with people difficult
  • The new family member may have physical issues to consider, such as cuts, mites, or fleas
  • The cat or dog's coat may be overgrown and matted
  • Many rescues will need their nails and claws clipped but dislike having their paws touched
  • They may find it difficult to withstand a long grooming process

Mobile Pet Grooming for Rescued Pets

There are some important reasons to consider mobile pet grooming for your new furry family member. First, the groomer comes to you so your dog or cat is able to deal with grooming on their own turf. This lessens their anxiety, which is especially important since they are already dealing with frightening transitions. Next, a rescued pet may come with some additional needs that require special understanding or special skill to manage. For example, their fur may need extra care that would require a longer grooming period, special tools, or training to avoid causing injury to their skin. Finally, they may not be able to withstand being crated for a long period while they wait for their turn to be groomed. Mobile pet groomers have the skill to handle these special needs and can cater their grooming care to meet them most appropriately— all while in sight of their own home.

We Pawsitively Love Working With Rescues

At Awesome Doggies, we understand that rescued pets come with special considerations. That's why we go the whole nine yards to show your new family member the love they deserve. Our mobile pet groomers are kind and highly trained in handling pets that need extra care. There's no waiting in crates because we come to you and provide a calm, soothing environment where they get richly pampered with spa-like treatments. (Seriously, our lavender and chamomile scented towels and Berry Facials make some owners jealous!) We take extra care to ensure that the experience is trauma-free with no caging, using gentle products, and hand-blown drying and brushing. During the grooming process of our signature service, the Tender Loving Groom, we bathe and brush your pet, clean their eyes and ears, give them a facial and top it off with a pedicure, making them sparkle from head to paw. And, what is a spa without a few treats (with your permission, of course)? We believe that every rough start deserves a wonderful, tail wagging ending.

As a mobile pet grooming service serving the Greater San Diego area, we are always happy to go the extra mile for you and your fur family. Need more information? Feel free to contact us today and we will provide a swift and courteous response!

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