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Loveable Barky Dogs

Posted by Awesome Doggies

As professional pet groomers, we hear a lot of barking dogs! We can also testify that some breeds bark more than others.

Some of the most vocal dog breeds are rat terriers, beagles, dachshunds, yorkies, chihuahuas, rat terriers, Australian shepherds, miniature schnauzers, westies, and cairn terriers. Most of these breeds were developed for herding or hunting, both of which involve a lot of barking, so it only natural that we’re likely to hear more vocalization from these breeds than from others.

At the other end of the noise spectrum, breeds that tend toward the quiet include golden retrievers, newfoundlands, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, rottweilers, akitas, alaskan malamutes, great danes and labrador retrievers.

Of course, any individual dog may not be typical of his breed, so you may very well know somebody with a lab that barks all day and night. If your dog barks too much for comfort, take a look at his environment and activities.

If your dog barks too much, it could be because the dog lives in a loud, overly stimulating environment. Try to refrain from playing loud music, yelling through the house, or having the sound level on the television set turned up high. Keeping a quiet, calm environment can greatly impact a dog's barking behavior.

If the noise level of your home is not an issue, make sure your dog is getting plenty of daily exercise. Restless, energetic dogs are loud dogs. Also, be mindful of how much time you leave your dog alone. Lonely dogs are often anxious, vocal dogs. For more tips on how to stop (or at least reduce) your dog’s barking, see:

For more information on what your dog might be trying to tell you, see our previous post: Why Is My Dog Barking?


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