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Life Saving Tips for Pets

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-san-diegoWe know how much you love your furbaby. No. Seriously, we do and we are right there with you. At Awesome Doggies, our dogs and cats are more than pets, they are family and we adore them from tip to tail. We do all we can to love, pamper, and protect them and know that you love to do the same. That is exactly why we want to share some Life Saving Tips for Pets with our San Diego mobile pet grooming community.

Knowing first aid and safety tips for our family is a given, yet many of us forget that our pet family can benefit from their human family members knowing basic pet first aid and accident prevention tips. Our furry family members can become sick or injured and what we know to help them can make all the difference.

Here are some important tips that can help you in an emergency.

Take a Pet First Aid Class

Did you know that there are pet CPR and first aid classes available in the San Diego area? You can check them out here. The information you receive is of inestimable value and can help aid you in saving the life of your best friend.

Save the Contact Information For Both Your Regular Vet and a 24 Hour Emergency Pet Hospital

Keep the contact information for local veterinarians and pet hospitals saved to your phone and handy at home. Having the numbers immediately available can save valuable time if your pet should become injured. 


Know what foods and plants can be toxic to your cat or dog as well as the signs of having been poisoned such as unusual behavior, foaming at the mouth, rapid or shallow breathing and blood from the mouth or in stool or urine. Always keep the number for the ASPCA Pet Poison hotline 888-426-4435 on hand.

Get the Red Cross Pet First Aid App

Yes, there IS an app for that, and we are mighty thankful for this one. In an emergency we can not always count on remembering what to do in every common scenario, and with this help you do not need to. The right information at the right moment saves lives.

Keep a Pet First Aid Kit Ready

If your cat or dog is injured and bleeding, immediate care is required to avoid infection. Create a pet first aid kit containing important supplies such as sterile gauze, a clean towel, hydrogen peroxide, medical tape, and bottled water.


Become Familiar With Common Dangers to Animals

There are many dangers common to all animals, such as ingesting toxic substances or choking. Some pets, such as short muzzled small dogs are more prone to drowning in very small amounts of water. Other may be more prone to medical emergencies like seizures. Know what dangers are common to all animals as well as ones specific to the breed of your dog or cat.

At Awesome Doggies, the safety of our fur family is a priority. As mobile pet groomers, we take the safety of your precious friends very seriously and uphold the strictest safety standards and practices. Around here, that is just how we roll.
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