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Introducing a Cat to an Enjoyable Bathing Experience

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Every pet deserves an enjoyable grooming experience and cats are no exception but cat's are generally known for keeping themselves clean and avoiding getting their paws wet. Sometimes, just like everybody, cats need a trip to the bath too! Some cats absolutely love a nice warm bath and the grooming experience while other cats absolutely go mad in the tub simply because they were not taught as kittens how relaxing the bathing can be.

Knowing how to introduce your furry family members to a bath will not only make bathing a cat or dog a nice experience but also teach the fur baby to hold still and enjoy getting their paws wet. When bathing a cat at home becomes a chore instead of a joy for both you and your beloved furry kitty a mobile grooming service will come to the rescue. Mobile groomers bring a portable pet spa on wheels to your location with all the luxuries to pamper your pets for a convenient professional grooming experience at home.  mobile-cat-grooming-san-diego

Keep in mind, cats would rather not get wet, cats avoid the rain and walk around mud puddles -- unlike dogs who run through puddles and love to swim. Cats who avoid the bath and react with meows, claws raking the air and climbing the tub wall simply want out of the tub and they associate the tub with water which they fear.

Once a cat, or any pet, is afraid of the bath or water in general, they can be quite stubborn about getting a bath. Do not give up hope because with the right reintroduction to the bathing experience any furry kid will eventually come to love being pampered and groomed. Reintroducing a cat to accept and enjoy a bath is simple to do in a step by step manner that also works to teach any pet to enjoy the bathing experience instead of fearing the tub and water. If your cat is already completely against it, don't expect that one session will completely turn them around. But it's a start!

Use these 3 steps to teach your cat to love a bath!

1. Introduction to the Bath

Make sure there is plenty of time to introduce the cat to the first bathing experience in a gentle way. Cats do not like being rushed and the best way to remain unscathed yourself is by not getting the cat mad. An upset wet soapy slippery cat is very dangerous to handle with claws and teeth bared. If a cat gets upset during brushing or bathing, remain calm and firmly but gently hold the cat still while you talk to the cat until it calms down then start over. 

2. Prepare the Bath

Prepare the bathing area before bringing the cat to the tub or sink. This is key - watery noises can be unsettling for kitty. Use a tub or sink with a hose and spray nozzle that allows water flow adjustment. Adjust the temperature to be lukewarm, like for a human baby. Place towels, cat shampoo and conditioner within reach. 

3. Bathing

Hold the cat gently but firmly with one hand on the shoulders, use fingers to massage the cat as you hold so they relax. Use a low spray warm water setting that will not scare the cat. Slowly start spraying water away from the cat, not directly on the cat.

Work the water closer as the cat gets use to the water. Spray over the back of the cat to the neck and down the back avoiding any spray to the face. Spray from neck to tail, down each side. Hold the cat up to get the belly area. Soap up and repeat to rinse.

Towel dry and place your kitty in a warm room to dry. 

Awesome Doggies wants all cats to have a great grooming experience, contact us for more helpful tips and to book your pet a great grooming experience!

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