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How to Save on Vet Bills

Posted by Awesome Doggies

woman-saves-on-vet-billsHaving a pet comes with a price. While the costs are worthwhile, it still helps to keep expenses down where possible, especially when it comes to the cost of veterinary care. We at Awesome Doggies know that when your dog or cat gets sick, the price of care adds up quickly.

Here are 23 ways you can stretch your pet health dollar without skimping on care.

  1. Give your dog and cat quality food. Good nutrition is the core of good health, and what you spend on healthy food you will save several times over in vet bills.

  2. Clean your pet’s teeth regularly. Good dental hygiene is important, and not just to prevent bad breath.  Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy allows them to chew and digest their foods properly so they get the full nutritional value, and prevents tooth and gum diseases that lead to other health problems.

  3. Keep your pet clean. Regular and thorough professional pet groomings can help spot health problems early, while they are able to be treated simply and affordably. Regular grooming also helps your pet by removing fleas and mites that can spread infections and disease.

  4. Keep your pet in good shape by keeping an exercise routine.

  5. Take them to regular check-ups. The cost of a trip for preventative care is recouped several times over in prevention.

  6. Keep your pet vaccinated.

  7. Talk to your vet about what you can do yourself at home to help defray the costs of care. Some shots for example can be bought and administered at home.

  8. Ask your vet about the health problems to which your pet may be predisposed and find out what preventative measures can be taken.

  9. Find a local school of veterinary medicine and find out if they offer reduced cost services.

  10. Talk to your vet about what they offer to help keep costs manageable, such as wellness plans, or pet insurance.

  11. Request an estimate for the price of treatment.

  12. Ask about treatment options.

  13. Ask about ways to save on prescriptions, such as samples or buying online.

  14. Look for online coupons for local pet care.

  15. Find out what items and what procedures are optional in treatments and decline ones that you don't need.

  16. Take your pet to shot clinics for reduced rates.

  17. Find out if your vet is willing to trade services if you have a skill they might be able to utilize.

  18. Check the Humane Society website which has a database of resources on low cost pet care.

  19. Utilize social media and tap in to the knowledge of others. Friends and family may know of low cost alternatives.

  20. Shop around until you find a pet that offers great care and reasonable prices.

  21. Ask if the vet offers a discount for full cash payment.

  22. Keep a “pet care fund” going. Being able to pay in cash may reduce the bill, and not using credit will definitely save money in the long run.

  23. Once you find a great vet, be a loyal client. Your loyalty means a lot to any business, and comes with reward.

With very little effort you can assure your awesome doggie or fab feline gets quality care that will not break the budget. Call us or contact us online for more information and to schedule your next grooming appointment today!

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