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How to Keep Your Pet Fresh Between Professional Pet Grooming Appointments

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-that-needs-to-be-kept-freshWe just love the transformation from grubby puppy to squeaky clean canine, and know you do too. It is so much fun to see your faces when you see your pets emerge from the mobile pet salon, strutting their stuff and looking their best!

But great grooming does not last forever. Just like in humans, pet skin gets oily and their coats get dirty rather quickly. But even if you do not home bathe between groomings, there are still ways to help keep your dog looking in top shape until the next pet grooming appointment.

Keeping Your Pet Fresh Between Groomings

cat-being-kept-freshBy grooming day, most pet owners are anxious to have their furry family member looking and smelling wonderful once again. We love the animals, but really want to leave the beastly smell behind. Here are some great tips for keeping your pet fresh between groomings.

  1. If your dog or cat gets wet, dry them thoroughly. Mold can form in wet fur causing a foul smell.

  2. Brush daily. Brushing assures that tangles and mats do not form and evens out the skin’s natural oils. 

  3. Use the right brush for your pet’s fur. Different coats need different types of brushes, Talk to your groomer about the right one for your pet. 

  4. Detangle slowly and gently. Pets have tender skin and tugging and pulling can cause pain or sores. If you don't want to have to brush in between groomings, consult with your groomer about a low-maintenance haircut that won't require much if any brushing.

  5. Make sure your pet is getting a nutritious diet. The scent and amount of oils released from the skin are affected by the type of foods your pet eats. 

  6. pets-keeping-freshUse a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to gently swab and clean the inside edge of your dog’s ears to clean and kill bacteria.

  7. Use a dry dog or cat wash to remove excess dirt and oils. 

  8. Use doggy/kitty wipes or a moist wash cloth to clean and deodorize between grooming appointments.

  9. Consider using pet cologne or perfume for less sensitive animals.

  10. Clean your dog or cat’s bed regularly. Dirt, oil, and odors collect in your pet’s bedding that will be transferred back to your pet.

If all of that sounds like a lot to do, don’t worry; we’ve got this. Just contact San Diego’s Awesome Doggies mobile pet grooming service today.

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