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How to Find Out About Pet Product Recalls

Posted by Awesome Doggies

pet-product-recalls-to-keep-pets-safeWe understand that dogs and cats are not pets. They are our beloved furry family members deserving of our love and protection. That’s why at Awesome Doggies we take information regarding pet product safety and product recalls so seriously, and want to share that information with you.

One of the things we have found is that there are far fewer regulations regarding the safety of pet products than for products made for humans. In fact, shockingly so.

Back in 2007, the Consumer Affairs Association conducted an investigation uncovering the toxic contamination of Chinese made animal product imports, such as dog toys. The report also revealed that there were no national standards of regulations concerning pet products.

Little to No Oversight

Little since then has changed. There are still very few regulations and no one agency that controls the oversight of pet products. Many recalls are voluntary and initiated after having caused harm and may not even be widely publicized. This makes monitoring recalls very difficult.

cats-with-a-recalled-toyPet Foods and Veterinary Supplies

One of the biggest concerns for those with dogs and cats in their family is the safety of pet foods. Fortunately, the Food and drug Administration, or FDA, controls the oversight of pet food and veterinary related products such as medicines. Product recalls of this type can be easily found on the FDA website and are usually publicized. The Dog Food Advisor is another reliable source of information regarding pet food safety and recalls.

Pet Toys

Unfortunately, there are few regulations concerning pet toys and no oversight. Pet toy makers may voluntarily join the American Pet Product Association and pledge to abide by standards that keep pet products safe for use.  

Because no national organization exists to oversee the safety of pet toys and products, it rests on the consumer to do the research and stay informed. When a product is recalled, the information may not be widely published. For the most up to date information on pet toy recalls, follow the American Veterinary Medical Association website. The PetMD website is another source for reliable recall information.



We Recommend

Keeping our furry family members safe and healthy are our top priorities. With so little oversight over the pet product industry, it can be pretty difficult to know what products are truly safe. To help, we’d like to offer a few tips.

  • Never assume any product is completely safe.
  • Always supervise the use of pet toys.
  • If using a secondhand product, check for recalls.
  • Follow sites that monitor pet product recalls for the most current recall information.
  • Buy products made from trusted manufacturers.

 At Awesome Doggies, we are head over heels—or paws—over pets. We want to do all we can to ensure the safety of our incredible friends, and know you do too. Feel free to contact us for more information, we'd love to help.

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