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How to Choose the Best Dog Chews (And Reward Your Pup After a Great Mobile Grooming Session)

Posted by Awesome Doggies

dog-chewWe meet some awesome doggies while we are out cruising San Diego for our mobile pet grooming appointments, and we want you to know that your pampered pets all tell us (and want us to pass along the good word) that they deserve some extra treats. Yes, we know you lavish them in treats, but hey, you can’t blame a dog for trying—right?

So, since it is the consensus of our furry friends, we will pass along a little information on how to choose the best dog chews. The good news is that providing Fido with a great dog chew is actually great for you, too, as the pet parent. Chewing is a natural and necessary behavior that helps your dog relieve stress, explore the world around them, exercise their jaw, and alleviate boredom. Without a having the proper items to chew, dogs will choose their own item and the result is usually both destructive and dangerous. Typical items dogs chew are furniture, household items, things from the garbage, or anything else they can find. Many of these things can be toxic, can splinter, or get caught in their throat.

But, like anything else, you can’t assume that a chew made specifically for dogs is safe. Here is how to identify quality dog chews.

Look for Chews Sourced in the US

Over the last decade, consumer awareness has grown around the healthfulness and safety of dog chews made or sourced outside the country. The concern is not unfounded as many products sourced from oversees have had to be recalled when they were found to be dangerous to the pet in some way. Products made in the US must pass set standards of safety which can be verified by the pet parent.

Read the Ingredients

Just because a chew is safe, or even natural, does not mean it is the most healthful option. Many makers add sugar to the chews to make them more palatable. Unfortunately, the sugar also increases your pet’s calorie intake which can cause additional health problems. Also, look for treats made with all natural and digestible ingredients.

dog-with-dog-chewTest Out Different Chews

Why settle for the same old chew when there are so many different options available? Rawhide is a long-time chart topper, but there are other tasty options that will keep your dog busy for hours. Take a trip to the pet store and let Fido choose from mouthwatering options like duck, turkey, bison, rabbit, kangaroo, and alligator. Many times, changing the kind of chew can make them even more attractive to the dog, and keep them occupied longer.

Ask Your Vet For Recommendations

If you are unsure of what chew is best for your precious pup, ask your vet for some recommendations. The vet knows your pet and its health and condition of its teeth and may have some suggestions on which would be best based on the specifics of their health. If you have not found a vet for your fur family, be sure to contact us! Many of our mobile pet grooming clients pass along their recommendations about their stellar San Diego vet and we’d be happy to share the information.

While no one dog chew is right for every dog, it pays to read the ingredients, find out where it is sourced, and get the advice of a trusted veterinarian.

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