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How NOT to Wash Your Dog

Posted by Awesome Doggies

It is time for the dreaded B word. It is the word that sends some dogs running for cover, and fills some puppy parents with feelings of anxiety.

While you may not convince your pup to love a b-a-t-h, doing it correctly may solve problems you did not know you had. Here are a few things to avoid while dog grooming:

  1. example-of-how-not-to-wash-your-dogNever wash your dog before removing matting. Getting the matting wet will make it worse, making it even more difficult to remove or detangle and cause pain or damage to the skin.
  2. Don’t use brushes intended for humans on dogs. Do brush your dog before a bath but do not use brushes intended for humans. Dog brushes are made to reduce pulling and to protect the dog’s skin from being scratched or otherwise damaged. 
  3. Do not use human shampoo or conditioner on your dog. The ph balance of your dog’s skin is different from your own, so even the highest quality shampoo designed for humans can damage your dog’s skin and cause rashes and other skin irritations. Only use high quality products intended for dogs.
  4. Do not use dish soap to wash your dog. Many people think dish soap is a good choice to wash pets because it is marketed as being “gentle on skin” or see it used in wildlife recues after an oil spill. Dish soap is used in a rescue situation because of its ability to cut through crude oil. Under normal instances it will strip the coat of the natural oils that protect the fur and skin. 
  5. Avoid letting your dog soak in a tub of water. Always use a spray nozzle and allow the tub to drain as you wash. This will help ensure that the coat is fully rinsed. If any residue remain on the coat it will attract oils, and can cause serious skin irritations that may lead to infection.
  6. Don’t use water that is too hot, or too cold. Most dogs find extreme temperatures uncomfortable. Extreme temperatures can also cause the skin to dry out.
  7. Don‘t let water get into your dog’s ear canal during bath time. Any water that gets in can cause ear infections. 
  8. Don’t use a human hair dryer on your dog. The heat settings are far too hot for dog’s skin. A too hot dryer can cause damage to the skin and eyes. 
  9. Do not use dog shampoos, conditioners, or flea products for anything other than as directed. Using products not fit for the size or age of a dog can cause ill effects such as accidental poisoning.
  10. Don’t leave your dog unattended during a bath.

If your pet develops strong odors between frequent baths it may be a sign that there is a problem in your bathing ritual. It may also be a sign that there is an underlying health issue such as dental disease, ear infection, or skin disorder. Always have ongoing problems addressed by a trusted veterinarian.

Of course, if you want to avoid b-a-t-h time drama feel free to give Awesome Doggies a call or contact us online. We roll in with the fun and roll out with the mess. 

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