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How NOT to Wash Your Cat

Posted by Awesome Doggies

Amid the howls of objection, and promises of severing any diplomatic ties they once granted you, most people wonder what they were thinking when they decided to give their feline friend a bath, who is probably very literally fighting tooth and nail. At Awesome Doggies, we hear your stories, and we understand.
In the spirit of human-feline diplomacy, here are a few tips on how NOT to wash your cat.

  1. Don’t lose your patience while cat grooming. Set aside enough time and the necessary tools before starting to make the process as easy and quick as possible.

  2. Don’t wet matted fur. Tease out the mats using dematting tools when possible, or carefully cut them out when necessary. Washing matted fur will cause further matting.

  3. Don’t use water that is too hot or too cold. Your cat has a much smaller body volume and water that is too cold can cause hypothermia, while too hot can scald the cat.groomer-knows-how-not-to-wash-a-cat

  4. Don’t use products intended for humans on cats. The Ph level in your cat’s skin is quite different than your own, so even gentle, tearless shampoo can cause damage to your cat’s skin.

  5. Don’t use products made for dogs on cats. The Ph level of dogs is different than that of cats, and dog shampoo can dry out a cat’s delicate skin. If it is a flea and tick shampoo, the chemicals are calculated for the size of a dog and will be far too much for a cat. This can cause severe problems, and even death

  6. Do not use dish soap to wash your cat. Dish soap is used in wildlife rescues to remove crude oil because of its excellent properties for doing so. Under normal washing conditions it will strip the natural oils that protect your cat’s skin and fur.

  7. Don’t use brushes made for humans or dogs on your cat. Each of them can pull on the cat’s fur or scratch the skin.

  8. Don’t rinse the cat in standing water. Use a draining sink and spray nozzle to ensure that all of the shampoo has been rinsed from the cat’s skin and fur.

  9. Don’t wash your cat in a huge space. Instead choose a secure, smaller space such as a bathroom so even if your cat escapes your hold it cannot get away.

  10. Don’t use a hot hair dryer to dry your cat. Hand dry your cat with a towel as much as possible, If you use a hair dryer, only do so on a very low setting.

It really is possible for your cat to have a stress-free grooming. At Awesome Doggies Mobile Pet Grooming, we find that some cats even enjoy cat grooming when done in a way that makes them feel comfortable and secure. If you want to cause minimal stress, or want to endure minimal stress, give us a call or contact us online. We are well-equipped to handle even the least fastidious felines with maximum efficiency and love.

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